7 Places You Can Bet With Bitcoin & Crypto

The future is here, and there are many legal sportsbooks, exchanges and brokers that allow you to bet with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Here is a list of the best options for aspiring crypto bettors.

By legal we mean that these places are all licensed under legislation somewhere in the world. To determine whether they are legal for you to use, check the laws of your own country.

Nevertheless, here are the best places to bet with Bitcoin. We have personally tested and investigated these pages to ensure that they live up to the standards of a professional sports bettor. Scammy or unreliable sites are excluded and never recommended.


Cloudbet is a pure crypto sportsbook that has operated for many years already. It’s probably the leader of the market, as they have the highest odds of any Bitcoin bookie.

We only have good experiences with Cloudbet. The support staff is tremendous, the odds are high (often equal to Pinnacle or just slightly below), and the platform is really comfortable to use.

You can literally sign up in seconds, only email and password are needed. Deposits and withdrawals are done with crypto – you can use Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDC or any other popular coin – and your account is credited as soon as the transaction is cleared on-chain.

KYC is not required for most users. It seems like they only require documentation in cases of fraud or if your account is related to some highly suspicious transaction history. In years of using Cloudbet, we have not once been asked for KYC or any documents.

Go to Cloudbet here!


Cloudbet’s biggest competitor – and possibly our personal favorite sportsbook – has to be Sportsbet.io.

This bookie has really established itself recently with sponsorships to major football clubs and whatnot. But they are not just talking the talk: It’s a legitimately good sportsbook with an awesome selection and pretty solid odds. The odds are not the highest on average, but some markets stick out.

What we love the most about Sportsbet is the support. They answer quickly and rapidly take care of any problem that arises.

Additionally, the platform is a joy to use. Some bookmakers are stuck in the early 00s with their designs, but not Sportsbet – their site is well optimized, easy to use, and you can search for any sporting event and find it in seconds. Sportsbet.io should absolutely be in the portfolio of any serious crypto sports bettor.

We have never been asked for personal documents at Sportsbet.io, even when withdrawing thousands of dollars in crypto.

Go to Sportsbet.io here!


The third best option – and also one that should be in every bettor’s portfolio – is Nitrobetting.

Overall, everything works well and Nitrobetting has been around for a long time. They recently upgraded their platform and rebranded from Nitrogen Sports to Nitrobetting. The result: A much better user experience and oftentimes better odds than before.

The absolute highlight is that Nitrobetting openly states that it’s a 100% anonymous betting site and that no KYC is required whatsoever. That means you can bet with privacy and that you won’t ever face any personal limits.

Open your anonymous account with Nitrobetting here!


From bookmakers to a broker. Sportmarket is a betting brokerage, and arguably the best one on the market for regular players.

Sportmarket runs on crypto as well as fiat. For deposits and withdrawals, it’s up to you whether you want to use your bank account or a simple Bitcoin transfer. But note that they do exchange funds once you deposit, so if you deposit Bitcoin, you will be betting with fiat (euros € to be specific) when you use their platforms. When withdrawing, they will exchange back to Bitcoin and give you the official exchange rate.

In other words, Sportmarket is a bet broker that accepts Bitcoin as payments.

What do they offer betting-wise? Probably the best platform in existence. When using Sportmarket Pro, you get access to the best Asian bookies and betting exchanges in the world. From one single platform. That means you almost always have the best odds on hand. You can truly maximize your chances of profiting as a bettor.

Additionally, Sportmarket can set you up with a private PS3838 account, which is essentially a Pinnacle account but on a different page. Useful if you can’t otherwise open a Pinnacle account.

It should be said that Sportmarket does require KYC. Specifically in the form of a personal document copy (like passport or driver’s license) and proof of address such as a utility bill. In this day and age where anonymous betting is possible, we don’t like places that still use KYC, but since Sportmarket is the best there is, we can accept it.

Sign up with Sportmarket and get the best odds here!


BetInAsia offers a very similar service to Sportmarket.

It’s an international bet broker that works the same way. You get access to a platform (known as ‘Black’ powered by Mollybet) where you can place bets with all the top bookies and exchanges in the world from one single account. Limits are decent and the odds are incredible.

BetInAsia has been around for years and has a good reputation among sharp bettors.

Should you use Sportmarket or BetInAsia? It’s up to you. They are so similar and basically offer the same thing. Try out both and see what you prefer. Ideally, you could split your bankroll and have one part with Sportmarket and one part with BetInAsia. That protects you in case anything ever happens to one of the platforms. BetInAsia, obviously, is also the best option if Sportmarket is not legal in your country. BetInAsia tends to be taking in customers from more countries than its competitor.

BetInAsia accepts over 10 cryptocurrencies for deposits and withdrawals, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. You will have to bet in fiat while placing bets, though.

Sounds good?

Try BetInAsia here!


A third bet broker that is quite popular and has been around for many years.

They have the best welcome bonus of the brokers. They give you access to fewer bookies and exchanges than the competitors, but still very good ones including Pinnacle and ISN. That gives you the opportunity to bet on the Asian markets with relatively high market limits.

It is the best alternative if you don’t have access to either Sportmarket or BetInAsia. Some users even prefer Asianodds88, particularly those who like to bet on soccer and basketball.

Bitcoin is accepted, other cryptocurrencies are not. Fiat is accepted too.

Sign up with Asianodds88 here!

Overtime Markets

We recently tried Overtime Markets and did a review of this platform.

It’s unique in the sense that it’s a decentralized sportsbook. It runs on the Optimism and Arbitrum networks, so basically layer 2 chains of Ethereum. All betting takes place with crypto and always in stablecoins.

You bet directly from your wallet by interacting with a smart contract. So you never have to deposit anything – just go to the website, find your bet, sign a transaction and the bet is made. If you win, you can cash in your winnings after the game.

It’s a completely new concept but you get used to it quickly. The main benefits? No personal limits and absolute anonymity. No one can stop you from betting on Overtime Markets, and that really is the future of sports betting.

Try Overtime Markets here!

Do you have recommendations for more places to bet with Bitcoin or just bet with crypto in general? Let us know below and we might review it!

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