Betting with Bitcoin Cash: How to Buy BCH & How to Bet with It

If you prefer betting anonymously, or if you simply prefer not giving any sensitive payment informations to a bookmaker, you should bet with cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin Cash is one of the best options, since transactions are fast and cheap, and it can easily be changed into other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies later.

One of the best places to bet with Bitcoin Cash is the highly recommended Cloudbet. Read our review of Cloudbet here.

What is Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin Cash is a fork of Bitcoin. It is not the same as the regular Bitcoin (also known as Bitcoin Core, or BTC). It was founded in 2017 when regular Bitcoin transactions became too slow and too costly. You can see it as a spin-off. Some people call Bitcoin Cash an altcoin.

While Bitcoin (BTC) is obviously a great idea when it comes to storing value and savings, it doesn’t work so well for frequent transactions, as you may sometimes have to pay several dollars or euros in fees. Bitcoin Cash (BCH), in contrary, has a much larger blocksize, which makes everything faster.

All Bitcoin holders from block 478558 are automatically holders of Bitcoin Cash. If you don’t have any Bitcoin Cash, you can easily obtain it through an exchange or through private sellers.

Read more information about Bitcoin Cash on Wikipedia.

What are the benefits?

With Bitcoin Cash, you can deposit and withdraw money anonymously. You do not have to share any personal payment informations, such as credit card numbers, bank account numbers, or anything of that kind.

Also, Bitcoin Cash is lightning fast. For a fee of just a few cents, you can send or receive money in just around 10-60 minutes. That makes it one of the fastest cryptocurrencies, and since it also carries a decent and somewhat steady value, it is quite ideal for betting.

Betting with Bitcoin Cash is very simple and fast. Anyone can do it. More and more bookmakers are starting to offer this option, which is obviously great news!

Where can I bet with Bitcoin Cash?

Cloudbet, our favorite crypto bookmaker, allows you to bet with Bitcoin Cash. You can also bet with regular Bitcoin. The choice is yours.

Other bookmakers also allow it, and Bitcoin Cash should only get more popular with time, due to its low fees. It is very practical to use – particularly for sports betting!

Read our guide to the best Bitcoin bookmakers for more information. Several of them allow you to bet with Bitcoin Cash as well.

How to buy Bitcoin Cash

It’s incredibly easy to buy Bitcoin Cash. It might be the easiest cryptocurrency to buy.

Our favorite place for buying Bitcoin Cash is on where you can trade anonymously with anyone else who is interested in trading. There are several different payment methods you can use, and you will find traders from all over the world.

You can also change from Bitcoin or Ethereum into Bitcoin Cash in most good crypto wallets. So if you already have another cryptocurrency, it is also easy to obtain Bitcoin Cash.

Another way to get it is to go to a large cryptocurrency exchange – Kraken is a good example. Here, you can change regular money (fiat currencies) into cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin Cash.

The last option is simply to buy from a website that sells it. sells Bitcoin Cash, and so do many others.

If you have any questions or remarks about Bitcoin Cash, feel free to comment below.

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