Outright Betting – Best Bookmakers for Outrights

Outright betting is incredibly popular and if you know what you are doing, it is one of the best ways to make money in sports betting. In this article, we are looking into the best bookmakers for outrights, and we will share some general tips on how to beat the market.

Betfair Exchange

Betfair is by far the best platform to use if you want to bet on outright markets.

In most major sports, Betfair simply has the highest odds of outrights. If you want to bet on the next Super Bowl champ, the next Premier League winner, the next number one Wimbledon, the next President of the United States, or anything like that, Betfair will almost always have the highest odds available. They do charge a commission, but even so, the odds are still the best.

In smaller markets, the liquidity can be low, and this is sometimes problematic. But for outrights in the most popular sports, Betfair is definitely leading the pack. So if you have access to Betfair in your country, we highly recommend you to sign up.

If you want to learn more about Betfair Exchange and how it works, read our review right here.


Unlike Betfair, Cloudbet is open to players from all around the world since you bet anonymously with cryptocurrency.

This is a big advantage. It is much faster to sign up, you do not have to give any personal information, and your deposit will be credited almost immediately if you send it with Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash.

Cloudbet offers a lot of outrights and the odds are very competitive. There are a lot of outrights in sports such as American football, basketball, baseball, hockey and soccer. For example, in the NFL, you can even bet markets such as Offensive Rookie of the Year, Comeback Player of the Year, winners of all the divisions, and much more. In a sport like soccer, you can usually bet on winners and top scorers in all of the major European leagues. In other words, there are a lot of options, are the odds are typically ranking among the very best on the market.

We actually consider Cloudbet to be the best bookmaker at the moment. Sign up here or read our full review to learn more.


While Bet365 does not have the highest odds on the market, it does offer a lot of outrights across almost all sports and events. So, for example, if you cannot find the outright market you’re looking for on Betfair or Cloudbet, you might just be able to find it on Bet365.

Bet365 is based in the United Kingdom. It is the largest bookmaker in the world, but some countries (such as the United States) are not able to use it. If you do have access to Bet365, take advantage of it. Again, the odds are not the best on the market, but they are not the worst either, and the selection of outrights is higher than anywhere else.

Bet365 is a great all-around bookmaker for most purposes and it is also one of the safest. They have regular promotions for their customers. Personal limitations are a problem in small markets, but it is unlikely that you will see any limits on the large soccer leagues or major American sports leagues such as NFL, NBA or MLB.

Use this link to sign up with Bet365, or read our full Bet365 review here.

What is outright betting?

Outright betting is when you place a bet on an entire event, league or competition, rather than just a single game or match. Usually, outright betting will allow you to pick between several different competitors.

A perfect example would be if you bet on the Pittsburgh Steelers to win the Super Bowl. That is an outright bet.

Another example would be if you bet on Lionel Messi to score the highest amount of goals in the current La Liga season, if you bet on Lewis Hamilton to become the Formula 1 world champion, or if you bet on LeBron James to become the NBA MVP.

The main benefit of outright betting is that you can find high odds due to the great number of different competitors. It is generally easier to find an edge in outright betting than in singular games. However, there is the downside of waiting. You will often have to wait through the entire season before finding out if you win or lose.

For several decades, outright betting has been one of the most popular variants of sports betting.

How to profit

Like always, the goal is to find value. We recommend you to read our article about value betting if you are unfamiliar with the concept.

Let’s say you believe that the Pittsburgh Steelers have a 10% chance of winning the Super Bowl this season. And then you visit Cloudbet or one of the other bookmakers, and you see that they pay odds 15 (15/1) for the Steelers to win. That would be a massive value bet! You calculate it by taking the probability x decimal odds. If the result is over 100, it will be a value bet, and you will stand to gain from it (on average). In this case, 10 x 15 = 150. On the contrary, if the bookmaker only paid back 9/1 for the Steelers, it would not be a value bet, and you shouldn’t bet it.

In other words, estimate the probability and compare it with the odds.

It is easier to find value bets on outrights than it is in regular games or matches. This is a big reason why outrights have become so popular. It is harder for the bookmaker to estimate the probability correctly because of the higher number of competitors and because of the variance over a season. A person with specific insights will be able to take a huge advantage and profit massively off of this.


Outright betting is fun and it can be surprisingly profitable. You need to place your bets with sportsbooks and exchanges that actually offer outrights AND have some decent odds. Follow our recommendations to be sure of that. Betfair, Cloudbet and Bet365 are some of the best options at the moment.

We wish you the best of luck with your long-term outright betting and feel free to write in the comment section if you have anything to add.

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