How To Get Pinnacle Odds If You Can’t Bet With Pinnacle

Pinnacle is generally known as the sharpest bookmaker in the world. Their odds are generally very precise, but there are constant movements and a high payback rate, so opportunities for values do tend to occur. Especially if you pick your spots and know what you’re doing as a bettor.

Unfortunately, Pinnacle is not available in all countries. Legislation seems to be the main issue, as some countries and states require bookmakers to apply and pay for local licensing.

If Pinnacle is not available in your country, what can you do?

There are several alternatives, thankfully. Let’s take a look at the three best ones.

Bet through a broker

There are several good bet brokers that allow you to set odds at Pinnacle odds because they are affiliated with Pinnacle.

Examples would be Sportmarket and BetInAsia – two brokers where you get access to platforms that have odds similar to Pinnacle’s.

These two brokers are not available in all countries either, but it’s worth it to check if you can use them.

Go to Sportmarket here!

PS3838 account

PS3838 is an alternative site that has the same odds as Pinnacle – although market limits are about half, meaning that you can’t bet quite as much.

Still, you can bet for decent amounts and it’s a great bookie to have in the portfolio.

How do you get a PS3838 account? Once again, through a broker. Sportmarket and BetInAsia are both capable of setting you up with a PS3838 account, which is essentially a Pinnacle-light bookmaker.


Cloudbet is a cryptocurrency bookmaker that gets a lot of its odds from Pinnacle.

Look at the spreads on the NFL, the Asian lines on the soccer market, and the eSports matchups. Cloudbet essentially has the same odds as Pinnacle across major sports, although the odds are slightly lowered at minor events.

So if you want to have the same odds as Pinnacle, Cloudbet almost gets you there. It’s one of our all-time favorite bookmakers because it offers additional benefits such as anonymous betting, rapidly quick withdrawals and no KYC for most users.

Check out Cloudbet here!

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