SportMarket Review – Our Favorite Bet Broker

There are plenty of good reasons to use a bet broker instead of a traditional bookmaker. SportMarket is one of the biggest and most reliable bet brokers in the world. With one SportMarket account, you get access to several of the best bookmakers and exchanges in the world. Since it is free to use SportMarket, there is absolutely no reason not to do so, and we highly recommend you to sign up.

Not only does SportMarket give you access to the highest odds in the world; their service is outstanding and in our experience, it is the most professional betting operation on the entire market.

If you are interested in SportMarket, then sign up here – or continue reading below, as we are reviewing the brokerage and giving you all the information you need to know. If you have any questions, feel free to write them at the bottom of this page.

An introduction to SportMarket and betting brokerages

SportMarket is a bet broker. It’s a service that works as a middleman between you and the bookmaker (or the betting exchange). SportMarket has partnerships with many of the best bookmakers in the world, and when you sign up on their platform, you will get access to these bookmakers.

There are only a handful of professional bet brokers in the world that are open to new customers, and SportMarket is one of them. We believe that it is the best one and that placing bets with SportMarket on their Pro platform is the best choice for professional bettors or anyone serious about sports betting.

The thing that makes SportMarket stand out is that it actually gives low-stakes bettors access to a professional brokerage platform. The minimum bet is just €10, and the minimum deposit is just €250. The maximum will always be the general market limits which are quite high, so there’s room for everyone.

Is SportMarket safe and secure?

Absolutely. SportMarket has been very safe during the time we’ve used it, and it is incredibly rare to find someone who had a bad experience with SportMarket.

It is arguably the best platform to place bets on all of the internet, and we have been using it regularly without any sort of flaws. There are no hidden fees, everything works well, and there have never been any issues with withdrawing money.

SportMarket is a highly professional service that we recommend 100% due to great personal experiences.

Who can use SportMarket?

Any serious bettor can use SportMarket. There are only a few limitations, such as:

  • You have to be at least 18 years old.
  • If you are a resident in France, the UK, the US, along with a handful of other countries, you won’t be able to register.

If you have any questions regarding whether or not you will be able to bet with SportMarket, then read up on their own website or contact their customer service to find out.

Like most other bookmakers, exchanges and brokers, you do need to comply with some KYC regulations. That means you have to send in the documentation of your personal ID and proof of address. It’s usually quite straightforward.

SportMarket Pro: One account, several bookmakers & exchanges

One of the main benefits of using SportMarket is its incredibly popular SportMarket Pro platform.

Here you will have one account, yet you’re able to bet with several different bookmakers and exchanges. That means you will be able to find very high odds for almost all major sporting events. In turn, that increases your chances of winning in the long term, so this is very appealing to serious bettors.

You will get access to these bookmakers and exchanges through SportMarket Pro:

  • Pinnacle
  • SBO
  • IBC
  • ISN
  • Ga288
  • Betdaq
  • Matchbook
  • Betfair
  • RedZone
  • Smarkets
  • SingBet

The first seven are available for all users. Betfair, RedZone and Smarkets are only available for users in selected countries. SingBet is not automatically added to SportMarket Pro, but you can ask for it to be added on your platform, and it will then be an option.

With Pinnacle, SBO, IBC and ISN each averaging around 98% in theoretical payback, you will get incredible odds while betting through the SportMarket Pro platform. Add in the exchanges, usually also carrying very high odds, and your chances of turning a profit are looking really good. For that reason, a lot of bettors start earning more money when they change to SportMarket.

You pay a small commission when you bet through an exchange. Betdaq has a 1.2% commission, Matchbook has 1.8%, and you will pay 2.3% of your profits when you use Betfair. This is typically less than you would pay in commission than if you actually used the exchange independently. You only pay commissions for winnings, not for losses. All odds that are shown in SportMarket Pro are already taking the commissions into account, so you will see the final and legitimate odds before placing your bets. Due to these low commissions, it makes it easier to turn a profit.

Which sports are available?

Through SportMarket Pro, you can bet on soccer, tennis, basketball, ice hockey, American football, rugby, cricket, e-sports, boxing, MMA and baseball. You will find the most options in the soccer category, as it is by far the biggest on SportMarket Pro. The market limits are also at their highest here, allowing you to bet thousands on the line that you like.

If you get a private bookmaker account through SportMarket, which is also an option, you can bet on any sport that the particular bookmaker offers.

Get private bookmaker accounts

If you can’t bet with a certain bookmaker under normal circumstances, for example, Pinnacle or SBO, you can get a private bookmaker account through SportMarket.

There will be higher requirements for deposits and withdrawals, but aside from that, everything works perfectly.

Getting a private bookmaker account through a bet broker is a great idea if it is not otherwise possible to bet with this certain bookmaker in your own country. For example, Pinnacle is blocked in countries such as Denmark and Spain, but through SportMarket, you can get an account with them.

To get one of these accounts, get in touch with their support, and ask specifically for a private account. It is a good idea to already have a basic SportMarket account beforehand. That makes the process faster and effortless.

No personal limits

One of the best reasons to bet with SportMarket is that there are no personal limits.

If you are a winning player, you will not be limited. Limitations are a big issue with normal bookmakers since they don’t want to have winning customers. If you’re tired of that, just sign up with SportMarket, and you’ll never see a personal limit again.

However, note that there can still be general limits (for everybody, not personal limits). For example, the bookmaker might only be willing to accept a certain wager on a particular outcome. As for exchanges, it depends entirely on the market and how much action other punters are willing to accept.

There is a minimum amount that you have to place on every single bet. With most of the bookmakers on SportMarket, you have to place at least 10 euros to have your wager confirmed. This might be higher than with most private bookmakers, but it is actually quite unique for a broker to offer such low stakes. In other words, SportMarket works for low-stakes players as well as for high-stakes players.

Fantastic customer service

SportMarket’s customer service is fantastic. They respond incredibly fast – usually within an hour or two after you contact them. And there is almost always a resolution to the problem.

The only way of contacting them is through email, which is an obvious limitation, but since it works so well – and since very few users experience any problems – we are still very big fans of their service.

Deposit and withdrawal

You can deposit and withdraw money with bank transfer, credit card, Bitcoin, MuchBetter, EcoPayz, Skrill and Neteller. For most users, a bank transfer will be the best choice.

The minimum deposit, as well as minimum withdrawal, is 250 euros. There is no fee if you send a bank transfer, but there is a 1% fee for the other payment methods. Bank transfers usually take 2 working days, while Bitcoin transfers require 3 confirmations. Payment with credit cards and e-wallets usually takes less than 6 hours.

During a year and a half as a customer with SportMarket, we have never experienced any issues with deposits or withdrawals. In fact, the latter part goes a lot faster than with normal bookmakers.

Licensing and taxation of winnings

SportMarket is licensed on the Isle of Man. You might have to pay taxes from your winnings, depending on the rules in your own country. It is your own responsibility to check the rules.

We highly recommend that you ask the tax office in your country whether or not you will have to pay taxes from winnings on SportMarket. It really depends on several factors, so we will not be able to tell you if you have to pay or not. In some countries, gambling is tax-free, while in other countries your earnings will be tax-eligible in the same way your work salary is. Some countries have specific gambling tax rates. Always comply with your local tax legislation to avoid any issues.

The best place to bet

We believe that SportMarket is the best place to bet on sports. Everything works perfectly, and you have access to all the best bookmakers and exchanges in the world, all through one single account.

With no fees for placing bets and no fee for bank transfers, it is an amazing experience to use SportMarket Pro. If others on the betting market would learn from their approach, there would be huge market improvements.

However, for now, all we can do is recommend SportMarket very highly. It is the best platform for almost anyone interested in serious sports betting!

Sign up here, and be sure to follow the betting picks that regularly get posted here on the site!

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