Best Betting Sites for Professionals

If you are a pro bettor, you know the importance of getting high odds. Another factor is to find a sportsbook that doesn’t limit its winning players. There are several great options on the market, and we are sharing the best betting sites for professional bettors here.


We consider Sportmarket to be the best place to bet.

It is a bet broker, and through the Sportmarket Pro platform, you gain access to several of the best sites in the world. As a Sportmarket member, you can bet with Pinnacle, SBO, ISN, Betdaq, Matchbook and several others from the same platform.

In other words, you can always bet the top odds on the market. Winning players don’t get any limits, although there are some general market limits. But don’t worry if you bet on major sports like soccer/football, basket, tennis, MMA, etc. – you will be able to wager big amounts.

The minimum wager is 10€ and the minimum deposit is 250€. It is free to use Sportmarket’s platform since they get their commission from their partners. The customer support section is great and we highly recommend Sportmarket in every single regard.

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AsianOdds is similar to the Sportmarket Pro platform. It is a service by AsianConnect, and it works just as well.

You get odds from several of the top bookies and exchanges in the world, so you can always pick the best one available. Once again, winning players are not limited, but there are general market limits.

When it comes to odds and limits, AsianOdds is every bit as good as Sportmarket Pro, but the platform is not nearly as smooth. Still, a perfect alternative if you live in a country where Sportmarket isn’t available.

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BetInAsia is another major betting brokerage. It is also a betting site that is well suited for professionals, once again due to great odds and high limits.

Through BetInAsia, you can get access to the Black platform or the OrbitX platform. You can deposit with credit cards, e-wallets, bank transfers, and even Bitcoin.

It’s a serious brokerage with some nice options. It feels more modern than the two brokers we’ve previously mentioned, but we still need to test out BetInAsia and find out what other users are saying.


Needless to say, Betfair also belongs on this list.

It is the top betting exchange in the world and there is massive action on the big events. If you bet soccer/football, you can get some really great odds at Betfair, and it is possible to stake really high amounts.

The commission rate varies depending on your location. It can be as high as 6.5%. In this case, Betfair isn’t super attractive, but if you get a better commission, the odds will become quite competitive. Some players get the commission rate down to 2%, and in this case, Betfair is a highly relevant betting site.

A downside is that it takes until game day to get enough volume to place major bets. So if you are an early better, Betfair might not be the best option. For traders and live bettors, it is absolutely amazing though.


Matchbook is an exchange similar to Betfair.

The main differences are that Matchbook typically has better odds and more competitive commission rates, while Betfair has the highest liquidity.

Furthermore, Betfair is licensed in more countries than Matchbook, so that also plays a role.

If you have access to Matchbook, it definitely makes sense to sign up. Remember that you also get access through Sportmarket where you only pay a 1.8% commission on your wins.


Bet365 tends to limit its winning players, but it doesn’t always happen immediately. The leash is a bit looser with Bet365 than with most other euro bookies, and players are typically allowed to win a few ten thousand before serious limits occur.

As a complimentary betting site to the sharp books and the exchanges, Bet365 actually works quite well. They also have great player props in most team sports, and the odds are generally competitive.

On Asian lines in football, Bet365 is quite close to sharp books such as Pinnacle and SBO. The theoretical payback percentage exceeds 97% on Bet365’s Asian lines, so that makes it possible for serious players to win – at least for a good while.

Bet365 is great when you are building up your bankroll. So if you are aspiring to become a professional bettor, it can be incredibly useful in the initial part of the journey.


Cloudbet might be the hidden gem on this list. It is a cryptocurrency bookmaker where players can bet anonymously.

The odds are really good. The typical payback rate is 95-96% which is very solid. On some events, like major football games, the payback rate is higher.

Cloudbet lets you bet solid amounts and personal limitations are rare. It is a modern bookmaker, and the platform is pleasant to use. Cloudbet offers odds across many sports, and you will find really solid handicaps and spreads in the main sports.

Since Cloudbet is a cryptocurrency sportsbook, you have to bet with Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency. Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash are some other options alongside Bitcoin. A further benefit is that cryptos tend to increase in value over time, so your ROI might be a lot higher in the end if you manage to win your bets at Cloudbet.

Cloudbet is a very good site for hobby bettors and semi-pros. On a rotational basis, it is also one of the best betting sites for professionals due to the decent odds and the ability to bet anonymously.

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