Wyscout Review – A Great Platform for Stats

Statistics are important in sports betting – no doubt about it. Team stats are essential for measuring a team’s performance, and the bookmakers are definitely using statistical models when they make their odds. If you want any chance of beating the bookies and the market, you must have access to precise data about teams as well as players.

As a bettor, Wyscout is arguably the best source for obtaining stats in football/soccer. Since Wyscout is becoming a very popular platform, we have tried it out, and here is a full review.

BoldSharps.com is not affiliated with Wyscout in any way. We have simply tried their product in the 15-day trial that is being offered and look to bring an honest review about the experience.

Facts about Wyscout

Wyscout is a statistical platform for football. It collects data from most leagues around the world, small and big alike, and it also provides videos.

We have yet to see a platform with more statistical depth. Wyscout covers almost everything. You will find all the team stats you’d ever need to know, but the part that impresses us, even more, is the impressive collection of player stats.

Wyscout is mostly used by scouts, agents, clubs and journalists. But also by bookmakers, sports bettors and betting syndicates.

The platform lets you access stats for teams, matches and players. You can deeply enhance your knowledge of the football world, and you can spot new talents before anybody else does.

Membership is paid yearly, but there are different types of memberships. There are also custom solutions for companies with bigger needs. For sports bettors, the data platform is more than enough though.

Stats for all football leagues

No other platform has stats for as many leagues as Wyscout.

Not only do you get xG, possession, dribbling, passes, and other stats from the major leagues – you also get it from many small leagues around the world.

So regardless of whether you are researching the English Premier League, Portugals Segunda Liga, or Burundi’s Serie A, you will find the stats you are looking for.

Wyscout provides stats for each player and each team. If a player is playing in a serious competition somewhere in the world, Wyscout will have stats on that player. It is very impressive, and it is super useful if you are betting small leagues where it’s otherwise hard to find data.

Best source for expected goals (xG)

After looking at several expected goals providers, we believe Wyscout to be the best source so far.

Wyscout provides xG that takes all chances into account, and their stats are incredibly useful for estimating each team’s strength. It also helps to identify players with big potential.

You will find xG stats for almost all leagues around the world. This is great if you are betting based on a model since it will give you the data you need. It’s difficult to find xG for the smallest football leagues on other sites, but Wyscout does offer this – there are expected goals stats for thousands of teams, and updates tick in very fast when matches are over.

All the benefits of Wyscout

In brief, we will sum up all of the benefits of Wyscout.

  • An easy-to-use platform
  • A respectable price (250€ per year for the smallest package)
  • Expected goals and other team stats for almost every competitive league in the world
  • Tracking of players and teams
  • In-depth player stats
  • Video clips
  • Easy search functions
  • Game reports

Overall, Wyscout provides many things that you won’t find elsewhere. You certainly won’t find player and team stats in as many leagues as Wyscout tracks.

Prices and practical info

Wyscout has two main packages, and an option to get a custom solution based on your company’s needs.

The bronze video pack will give you access to all the stats, as well as 50 minutes worth of clips. The price is 250€ per year.

The silver video pack will also give you access to stats – on top of that, you get 150 minutes worth of clips per month, with the ability to download 100 of them. Priced at 600€, it is obviously more expensive than the bronze pack.

The extra pack is useful for professional scouts and clubs. Basically, everyone who needs extra video access or additional reports.

If you are a sports bettor and you simply need access to precise stats for many leagues, we recommend you pick the smallest package. For betting purposes, you can easily do everything you need with the bronze pack.

If you are a scout, or if you focus specifically on player bets, you should get the silver pack or a custom solution. Groups of bettors, syndicates, or bookmaking agents should probably contact Wyscout for a custom package. But for most regular bettors, the bronze pack is more than enough.


Wyscout is worth every penny if you are a sports bettor. You can start out by taking the 15-day free trial and use the stats for your betting.

If you are a scout or a journalist, the platform can be very useful too. In fact, as the name suggests, Wyscout is mostly intended for scouts! But speaking from a bettor’s point of view, we can definitely use it for betting. If you are using a betting model to predict various football leagues, Wyscout’s data will take it to the next level in several ways: 1) By providing more precise data than elsewhere, and 2) By providing data from more leagues than you could ever imagine.

Have you tried Wyscout or any comparable platforms? Let us know in the comment section.

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