Why You Should Use a Bet Broker

It’s better to use a bet broker than a normal bookmaker. A bet broker, also known as a betting brokerage, will give you the chance to bet without personal limits and with the highest odds on the market. If those reasons are not enough, here’s why you should use one.

What is a bet broker?

A bet broker is a service. When you sign up with one, you get access to several bookmakers and exchanges at once. You only need one account, and you can place bets with several different bookmakers. Usually, this will take place in a software developed by the broker, but sometimes they will hand out anonymous bookmaker accounts to you instead.

Using a betting brokerage is somewhat underrated, and most bettors don’t actually do it. However, the most successful bettors usually do take advantage of the benefits found at a broker, and it is the best choice for serious players.

The best betting brokerage in 2020

We believe that SportMarket is the best betting brokerage on the market. They have been around for quite a few years now, and they have consistently improved their service. SportMarket allows you to bet with Pinnacle, SBO, IBC, ISN, Betfair, Betdaq, Matchbook and other bookies/exchanges, all from one account.

You simply have to sign up with SportMarket, use their SportMarket Pro platform, and everything will be quite simple. It’s free to use their service. You will enver pay for it, as the bookmakers and exchanges are the ones that pay a small fee to SportMarket. They also give private bookmaker accounts if you prefer that instead. SportMarket is open to players from mots countries. The most notable exceptions are the US, the UK and France.

When you bet with SportMarket, you will not have any personal limits, only the natural market limits. You will be able to catch high odds that are usually topping the market.

Sign up with SportMarket here!

A solid alternative to SportMarket is AsianConnect. Also a great broker where you can do many of the same things (they also provide many of the same bookmakers), so they can also be considered.

Advantages of using a bet broker

Here are the best advantages of using a bet broker:

  • Get the best odds. When betting through a broker, you can place bets with the best bookmakers and exchanges. Due to the great selection and the seriousness of these, you will be able to find really high odds and strong lines.
  • One account gives access to several bookmakers. Yes, with one account, you access several bookmakers. For example through SportMarket Pro. This makes everything easier, and you can have your bankroll on the same account, not spread across five different bookies.
  • No personal limits. You will not experience personal limits when betting with brokers. They are serious about this, which is great for winning players. If you’re limited or blocked from playing somewhere else, just use a broker, and you can bet without personal limits – only the natural market limits.

At the same time, there are very few disadvantages. One of them is that your earnings might be subject to a different form of taxation, depending on your country. Another thing is that brokers don’t have to go through the same licensing demands as a bookmaker. If a broker closes down, you don’t really know what’s going to happen.


We highly recommend you to use a bet broker. It makes sense at every level, especially if you are a serious player. Check out SportMarket or AsianConnect. Starting with one of those will be great, and you will immediately experience a lot of advantages. Good luck!

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