Potential Solana Airdrops – Top 5

Solana has become one of the most popular and utilized networks in crypto. Many applications are being built on Solana and if you use some of these dApps with the SOL token, you could potentially be on the receiving end of some airdrops in the future.

We have looked at the options and here are the best potential airdrops for Solana users. Keep in mind that all airdrops are speculative and we are not giving financial advice.


Airdrop probability: Medium

How to qualify: Use the Phantom wallet and use the swap feature

Phantom is one of the best web wallets for interacting with the Solana ecosystem.

In many ways, it is similar to MetaMask – the popular wallet that most people use when interacting on the Ethereum, Polygon and Binance chains. Just like MetaMask, the Phantom wallet allows you to store your Solana tokens, exchange into other tokens on the chain, and most importantly it allows you to connect to the many applications on Solana.

If MetaMask ever launches an airdrop, Phantom is likely to follow suit. Perhaps Phantom might even do it first. They could give an airdrop to all users of the wallet – or they could make it a bit more exclusive by having some requirements. The most likely requirement is that users would have to make one or multiple swaps inside the Phantom wallet.

Therefore, you should create a Phantom wallet, get the SOL token, move it to Phantom, and make a few swaps. There will be some fees, but that is alright if you get an airdrop some day.


Airdrop probability: Medium

How to qualify: Buy or sell NFTs on Solanart

Solanart is a marketplace for NFTs (non-fungible tokens) on the Solana network. It works similar to OpenSea on Ethereum, but some users consider Solanart more user friendly. You can also find some really unique (and sometimes cheap) NFTs there.

If Solanart wants to decentralize in the future, there could be an airdrop to all users of the marketplace. You would have to interact with Solanart if you wish to qualify. Simply connect your Phantom wallet and buy an NFT on the platform. If you have plenty of funds, you should buy multiple NFTs (and perhaps sell some) since some protocols give larger airdrops to users who have more volume.


Airdrop probability: High

How to qualify: Lend or farm tokens

The Francium platform does not have a token yet. Like many other decentralized applications on Solana, it makes sense for Francium to have one. The question is whether they will do an airdrop. You can potentially qualify by lending or farming tokens. If you want to do it in a simple way, just lend your SOL tokens to the community through Francium. You can also exchange into another token, like Raydium, and lend it instead of SOL – you will get a higher interest rate.


Airdrop probability: High

How to qualify: Stake SOL

Socean is extremely simple to use. You simply connect your wallet and select the amount of SOL tokens you want to stake. That way, you will have interacted with the platform, and you will likely qualify for an airdrop if Socean launches a token and hands it to the community.

Hedgehog Markets

Airdrop probability: Medium

How to qualify: Make predictions on the platform

One of the most interesting applications on Solana is Hedgehog Markets.

This is a prediction/betting site where you can bet on sports and various real life scenarios. Everything works with USDC so you have to exchange into that before using the platform.

At the moment, you can try the no-loss competitions. You have to stake a minimum of 100 USDC, then you make your predictions, and upon completion you will get the 100 USDC back and you’ll have the added opportunity to win something. In the near future, there will be more traditional betting markets as well, although decentralized. You will soon be able to make normal betting predictions on the platform – something that we are looking forward to a lot. It is reasonable to think that Hedgehog will release a governance token at some point.

That’s it for now – five potential Solana airdrops that could be huge. Keep in mind that they are speculative, and that in case of an airdrop you would receive brand new tokens (not SOL tokens) on the Solana network. It makes sense to use the platforms since it doesn’t take much time, money or effort, and it could potentially make you a lot of money in the future. If you get an airdrop, you would have to consider whether you want to exchange it into regular money or other cryptocurrencies immediately, or if you want to hold on to them to keep supporting the platform that airdropped tokens to you.

Be sure to check our list of top 10 airdrops overall if you want even more possibilities!

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