Should You Follow Tipsters?

Many tipsters know what they are doing, and it is not unusual to spot tipsters with great profits. But should you follow them blindly, and is it possible to get as many gains as they do? Let’s look into it.

Why do people follow tipsters?

Tipsters might be able to provide tips for sports (or particular leagues/events) that you don’t know anything about yourself. By following tipsters, you can increase your turnover by simply having more games to bet on. You’ll likely be able to bet way more than you usually would. For example, if you’re an expert in one sport, but you have limited knowledge on other sports, then it will open up some doors for you.

Even if you know what you’re doing yourself, it can be a great dosis of inspiration to read what other experts think. And that’s another common reason why bettors choose to follow tipsters.

If you find a tipster that is actually good, then you can potentially make more money by following him. However, you need to be sure that the tipster actually knows what he’s doing.

Research the tipster before you follow him

Is the tipster sharing his statistics?

Is he providing write-ups?

Does he know what he is talking about?

What do other people say about his picks?

Does he know as much about betting principles as he does about the actual sport?

Is he spotting value and not just guessing?

These are the things that you should look into before following anybody. Don’t follow a tipster blindly. Research his stuff and make sure he’s capable of creating a profit. If it’s not possible to find enough information on the tipster, then check his picks for a month or two, write them down – but don’t bet them. Then check up on it, and if things are looking good, you might be able to start following his picks for real. But never forget about the prior research. Just like there is money to gain if the tipster is good, there is also money to lose if the tipster is bad.

Make sure you get the same (or better) odds

Not only do you have to make sure the tipster is legitimate. You also have to make sure that you are betting his picks at the right odds.

If a tipster suggests betting on an outcome that pays odds 1.90, and you only get 1.82, then it’s very unlikely that you will profit in the long run. At least, you will not get the same profit as the fellow who shared the pick. And this is a mistake that many followers are making. They follow tipsters regardless of an odds drop, and this can be costly.

When a tipster gets popular, he usually has a lot of followers, and that means there will be a lot of bettors ready to pull the trigger when he shares a new bet. This will most likely cause the odds to fall, at least temporarily. Another thing is that if a tipster is actually good, he will beat the closing odds on average. You need to make sure that you are getting the same odds, or at least close to the same, as the tipster. If it has dropped a lot, don’t bet it. Occasionally, you might get lucky and find a higher odds than the price that the tipster suggested. In that case, you can usually just pull the trigger and be happy. Other times, there is a clear reason for the odds increase, and you need to find out why the odds changed. Perhaps a player got injured, perhaps an important piece of news just came out, or perhaps there are other sharps betting on the opposite scenario and thereby changing the price. Decide whether or not the reason is legitimate, and then place the bet or not.

It’s really all about the odds. So don’t bet anything – only bet when there is value!

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