Best Betting Sites for MMA & UFC

Mixed martial arts is an awesome sport that is rapidly gaining more and more followers. There is a huge betting market for MMA as well. If you want the best odds and the highest limits, we will recommend the best betting sites for MMA & UFC in this article.

Best MMA bookie

The truth is that almost all sportsbooks offer MMA odds. You will always be able to bet on the top UFC fights. So the goal is to find the bookmakers that have the best odds, the highest limits, and to make sure that the bookie accepts winning players.

Let’s have a look at it…


We consider Cloudbet to be the best bookmaker for MMA. There are several reasons why this is the case.

First of all, Cloudbet accepts users from all around the world. It is an anonymous cryptocurrency bookmaker. You place your bets with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, or another cryptocurrency – and it allows you to bet anonymously, simply by signing up with your email address.

When it comes to UFC, Cloudbet offers odds on every single fight. They have a margin of less than 5% on practically all fights, so it is actually possible to make a profit. Some fights are highlighted with particularly high odds. Usually, Cloudbet will have one or two fights per card where there is no margin at all – you will find fair odds on these fights.

Aside from betting winners, you can also find many props and specials.

Cloudbet usually lists the fight cards a few weeks in advance. This allows you to bet early on the market. There’s more than just UFC – Cloudbet also has odds on some lower divisions and events from around the world.

You need to use crypto to use Cloudbet. We see this as a benefit since it allows you to avoid sharing sensitive payment information, and crypto typically increases in value anyway.

Sign up with Cloudbet here!


Betfair is a betting exchange where you will bet against other players.

While Betfair isn’t available in the United States, it is present in most countries around the world and it is particularly popular in the UK and in the EU.

Betfair’s commission rate varies from 2% to 6.5% depending on your location and how much you bet (you can earn points to get a lower commission). But even at the full commission, they have decent UFC odds.

You can bet on most UFC fights. Some other organizations as well. Even at the highest commission, the odds are still competitive, as there will be a theoretical payback rate of around 95-96% when you bet on the same day as the fight.

The main benefit of using Betfair is the high liquidity and the complete lack of personal limits. Winners are welcome, and you will test yourself against the market.

The downside of Betfair is that the odds won’t be very high until a few days before the fight, so you won’t be able to bet the market a long time in advance like you can with Cloudbet and other bookies.

Still, Betfair is one of the best betting sites for MMA.


Sportmarket is a bet broker. It is not available in the US, in the UK, in France, Spain and Portugal, but it is available for players in most other countries.

Licensed on the Isle of Man, Sportmarket is the top bet broker in the world. With Sportmarket you gain access to several of the best sharp bookmakers at once – Pinnacle, SBO, ISN, and several exchanges. That allows you to get the absolute best odds on the market every time you place a bet.

If your goal is pure profit, then Sportmarket is the site to use. You will find all the UFC fights there, although it will lack some of the smaller fights.

Be aware that the minimum wager is 10€. The good news is that the top limits are ultra-high, and that Sportmarket welcomes winners. You won’t get banned from winning like is the case with many regular bookmakers.

We highly recommend it for MMA betting, but also for betting on other sports. You can read our full Sportmarket review here if you are interested.

Sign up with Sportmarket here!

What to look for

You can choose any of the suggestions above if you are looking for a solid MMA betting site.

But you can also search the market for further options. There are some things you should look for.

The most important thing is that they have MMA bets. So check their game selection at the moment and see if they have odds for the upcoming UFC schedule. The more options and props, the better.

The next thing will be the odds. If there are very low odds, it’s simply not worth it. The higher odds – the better. Try to find a somewhat even fight and check the line. If it is around 1.85 – 1.85, move on! If you see a line around 1.92 – 1.92 or higher (on average), that’s definitely a bookmaker to consider.

Check the limits too. How much are you allowed to bet? Are winners allowed? Can you bet the amount you want to get out? If the answer is yes to all of those, it’s beginning to look very good.

Earn money on your MMA knowledge

You’re obviously reading this article because you are interested in MMA. And if you have a lot of insights into the sport, it is possible to make money from your knowledge. This is done through betting.

We recommend you follow the principles of value betting and bankroll management. This is the way to win long-term.

The modus operandi will be to compare the fighters in a fight and try to estimate the probabilities of each outcome. Maybe it’s 50-50. Maybe one is a huge favorite, and the chances should be 80-20. Compare your probabilities to the odds, and strike when you spot value.

On a solid night of MMA betting, you can probably spot value on 3-5 fights. Win the majority of them, and you can earn some solid money with your knowledge. It will definitely make it more fun to watch the fights, too.

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