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If you enjoy getting high odds on various sports, Marathonbet is always a great place to bet. While there are a few negatives, it is a very good bookmaker overall, and it is one of the bookies where it’s easiest to turn a profit. We particularly recommend Marathonbet for beginners, but some experienced players will also be able to use Marathonbet to their advantage.

While not the largest bookmaker in the world, Marathonbet still carries a worldwide presence, as the site is popular in several European, South American, Asian and African countries. You’ve probably heard of Marathonbet through their sponsorships – they have partnered with several top English football clubs for years now.

In fact, Marathonbet is one of the oldest online bookmakers. The company itself started in 1997 before going completely online in 2002. It’s impressive that Marathonbet remains relevant to this day. Read our full review of the bookmaker here!


The odds are arguably the best thing about Marathonbet.

Across several popular sports, you will find really high odds. And not only that – Marathonbet is not always the best when it comes to the probabilities. They often take their own direction and don’t always follow the tracks of the market. Therefore, it’s a great place to bet for value bettors, since they often get their odds slightly wrong. Especially in niche sports, so you should be able to take advantage of this.

Rating: 9/10

Game selection

The game selection at Marathonbet is also very impressive. You’ll be able to bet on major sports such as football/soccer, tennis, basketball and boxing. Other sports, such as handball and volleyball, are also present, and Marathonbet puts a larger focus on these sports than most other bookmakers. Then we have motorsports, golf, rugby, snooker, table tennis and everything else you can imagine. Most likely, you will be able to find any international sport in their selection.

Not only that: One thing is that Marathonbet provides you with a lot of different sports. Another thing is that you will find hundreds of options in each single event. In football games, you’ll have lots of special options. Handicaps, totals, goalscorers, scenarios, much more. The same is even the case for niche sports, such as for Formula One races where there are always a large amount of variations.

So we have to give Marathonbet a very high rating here. Their game selection is awesome.

Rating: 10/10


A thing about Marathonbet that is less awesome is that they tend to use personal limits. If you consistently win over a month or two, and if they identify you as a sensible value bettor, you shouldn’t expect to play with them for long. They won’t ban you, but they will limit you to small amounts. And that is the main reason why Marathonbet works very well for beginners getting started, and not so much for professionals that need to place huge stakes on each bet.

If you’re looking for a bookmaker with high odds and low limits, you should instead go for SBOBET or Pinnacle.

It’s a shame that Marathonbet uses personal limits so much. Otherwise it would be one of the top bookmakers in the world. But that’s how it goes – you might be able to avoid limits for a while, and until then, it’s definitely possible to make a nice profit. And to be fair: Marathonbet is not as fast to limit as many of the soft Euro bookies, so at least that is something.

Rating: 3/10


In most regions, new users can get a deposit bonus from Marathonbet, but the amount and the requirements will differ from country to country and from currency to currency. In most cases, you can get a 50% deposit bonus up to 60 euros – that’s how it works on the European market and the price range is similar in other regions.

We don’t believe it is the best bonus on the market, but it is something, so Marathonbet deserves a decent grade. Once again, it’s a solid choice for beginners that aim to get started with serious betting. By snatching a welcome bonus, you can build your bankroll and enjoy the high odds of the site.

Rating: 6/10

Layout and navigation

If you have ever heard of a “typical online bookmaker look”, that’s exactly what you will find here.

Marathonbet’s website is not particularly creative or pretty, but it works extremely well, and the layout is perfect for getting an overview. Navigating around the site is easy and fast. In the left bar, you can get an overview of all the sports they offer, and it is easy to click through to certain events. The middle of the site has all the odds, and the right part is full of quick links to popular leagues and events.

Even at first glance, it is easy to spot everything: From the search form, to the contact page, to all the odds, to the account details, and everything else. So while their layout and navigation aren’t anything groundbreaking, everything works really well, and that’s the important part.

Rating: 9/10


You can use Marathonbet just as easily on your phone as you can on your computer. They have a mobile app that you can download in seconds. The app is free, of course, but you can make deposits and withdrawals from it, and you can place all the bets you’d like. You can download it for Android as well as iOS.

If you don’t want to download their app, of if the MBet app is simply not available in your country or region, you can just visit their browser webpage instead. Go to your mobile browser and type in, and you will also see a mobile version of their page. Works well, and you can do the exact same things as you can on a desktop version.

Rating: 8/10

Customer service

Marathonbet provides fast customer service. You have several ways of reaching them: The most popular option is to use their live chat. There is a link to the live chat in the menu, and it generally works well. Aside from that, you can call them or send a mail – those ways, you will also get assistance with your issue.

Rating: 8/10

Deposit and withdrawal

Marathonbet offers several different options when you want to deposit and withdraw money.

First of all, you can use basic credit and debit cards such as VISA, MasterCard and Maestro. You can deposit with a PaySafeCard. You can use e-wallets such as PayPal, Skrill and Neteller. Bank transfer through Trustly is also an option. Usually, you can cash out the same way as you “cashed in”, but we recommend using bank transfer if it’s a large amount. The payment time can take up to a week, but in most cases, you should receive your money in just a few days.

It would be nice if Marathonbet would also offer cryptocurrencies, but that’s the only thing they lack in this category, so they end up scoring well.

Rating: 8/10

How to sign up

If you want to sign up with Marathonbet, then simply go to their website and click “Join now” in the upper right corner of the page. Here, you will be asked to fill in a bunch of information, and after that is done, you have an account. After that you can make your deposit and start betting!

Later on, you’ll be ask to verify your identity. It can be done by sending in a photocopy of some picture ID, along with proof of address, which can be a basic utility bill, a bank statement or a government document that shows your address. Most likely, you will not have to go through this process until you decide to withdraw money.


Marathonbet is a nice bookmaker that we rank highly in many regards. They only negative things are, for example, that Marathonbet is not available in all countries – in fact, players in a lot of regions don’t have access to it. On top of that, they limit serious players after a while. That makes Marathonbet a great place to start out if you are a beginner and want to prove that you can make a profit and build up your bankroll for a couple of months. But for professionals, it is probably best to stick to sharp Asian bookies such as Pinnacle or SBO, or perhaps using a broker such as SportMarket.

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