Best Sites for Livescores

It’s not always possible to watch the games you bet on. Maybe you’re out, or maybe the tv channels just don’t show your game. In that case, you’ll need a livescore website to stay updated on the score. Here are the best sites for livescores in various sports.


FlashScore is very easy to use and they update super fast every time there is a change in score.

This site mostly specializes in soccer/world football where they have accurate scores of almost every match played in the world. Along with the livescore, you find solid statistics like possession, total shots, shots on goal, etc. In most major matches, you can also see team line-ups, often published a half hour before the match. This can help you in your betting, too.

FlashScore also provides livescores for sports such as tennis, basketball, hockey, golf, handball, cricket, American football, baseball, e-sports, motorsports and much more.

Naturally, FlashScore is free to use, but they typically have betting commercials all over. The content is central though, and the ads never get in the way of checking scores quickly and easily.


LiveScore is the best alternative to FlashScore. It is another cool website with quickly updated scores, and the information is highly accurate.

Soccer/football is the main area of focus here, and you will find scores from all live and previous matches. LiveScore also provides updates for hockey, basketball, tennis and cricket.

The site has a dark color scheme and it is easy to get an overview. The top leagues and matches are always on top. There are fewer ads than at FlashScore, but there are a few video ads and they can certainly steal the attention and make the website a bit slower.

Many users think that LiveScore has the most visually pleasant line-up displays. It is also a benefit that LiveScore provides text commentary on the most important soccer matches. This helps you get an overview of what happens, aside from just looking at the raw stats.

CBS Sports

When it comes to American sports, CBS might be the best site to visit for livescores.

You can easily stay updated on the NFL, the NBA, the NHL and the MLB. CBS is also great for college scores in football and basketball.

CBS also shows the betting lines which helps you get an overview of who is the favorite.

There are some ads, but generally fewer than most other sites, so CBS Sports is pleasant to use in general.

ESPN also has livescores for the most popular sports. It’s a bit more unorganized, as you have to click into the category of every single sport, and then select the score section.

But ESPN does provide accurate and detailed scores and stats, so the site can definitely be used. It’s a great alternative to CBS if you want to stay updated on the American sports leagues, but ESPN also has a solid soccer section.


Most likely, you can also use your bookmaker to stay updated on the score.

The majority of bookmakers provide live betting, so they naturally have a list of scores and statistics for live matches. Even if you pre-bet and don’t live, you can still take advantage of this.

Some bookmakers, namely Bet365 and Unibet, even offer live streaming of many events. At Bet365, you can watch live NFL games alongside many major soccer matches. That makes it very easy to stay updated, and sometimes it is better to use your bookmaker rather than a normal livescore site.

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