How Much Can A Pro Tipster Earn?

One thing is being a sports bettor – another thing is being a tipster. As a tipster, you would be confident enough in your own picks to share them, and you would find some way to monetize this practice. The ultimate question is – how much can a pro tipster earn, and is it worth it to share your picks if you are a winning bettor?

We will look into it here.

Defining a tipster

A tipster is a person who shares his or her bets. This can be done in a variety of ways, sometimes for free, sometimes in exchange for money. But on the bottom line, a tipster is a bettor who is actively and regularly sharing picks with others.

A pro tipster is a tipster who is particularly good – so good that he gains income from sharing picks, aside from profiting on the bets he places. It might even be a full-time income sharing picks.

Let’s look at the various ways to earn money as a tipster, and find out what the best option is.

Selling picks

The majority of tipsters will simply be selling their picks. This is done through private services, for example over email or a private chat group, and the prices can vary wildly.

Most tipsters will charge monthly subscriptions and earn a steady income that way. For instance, a great tipster might charge 100€ or even 1000€ per month for complete insights into all picks. Smaller tipsters, and tipsters operating on minor markets, might share picks for a smaller amount. We’ve seen a lot of tipsters selling subscriptions of 10€ per month as well.

Some tipsters choose to charge a price per pick instead. Once again, the price can vary a lot. All the way from 1€ per pick to 50€, depending on the skill and reputation of the tipster.

The best solution is generally to sell picks based on membership. It will give a steady income and provide balance for the sheets. It will also be easier to keep the customers coming since the variance will be more evened out for someone following an entire month rather than just singular picks here and there.

In other words, selling picks can definitely be a good income stream for a profitable tipster on markets with high or medium liquidity.

If you are a winning tipster with a 5% ROI over a large sample size, you could arguably sell your picks for 20€ per month and if you get 100 subscribers, that’s a 2000€ extra income from picks you are making anyway. Could be even more if you know how to do proper marketing!

Getting hired by a betting website

Some tipsters get hired by betting sites where they provide picks for the site, as well as write-ups and extra work.

This is great for the bettors who don’t want a lot of personal responsibility – but still want to earn extra money from their tips.

It is also a great option for bettors operating on smaller markets since it will be difficult to provide huge services based solely on minor sports with low market limits.

Furthermore, it is easier to get started, and as a tipster, you won’t need to have any technical or marketing knowledge to sell picks this way – simply be good at beating the bookies and doing that job for an established betting website.

You can expect to earn a small part-time salary from doing this. A few hundred euros/dollars per month if you are good.

Sharing free picks and taking donations

It is also possible to share free picks and take in donations. We see this a lot on Twitter and Reddit where users are giving away free picks. Many followers are grateful to be following and making profits, so they often decide to send a bit back to the tipster.

This is an awesome option if you want to share your knowledge for free and get some good friends on the betting market. It will help a lot of people who are building up their bankrolls.

But obviously, there won’t be much consistency in the income, and you would probably have to use cryptocurrencies, set up a PayPal account, and find other ways to allow others to send their donations.

It is hard to predict what the exact tipster income would be here, but if you are providing nice picks and you get a lot of followers, a certain percentage might decide to tip you. If you get 500 followers, and 5% decide to tip you every month as a way of saying thanks, and the average tip is 20€, that is a cool 500€ extra per month which could go to your bankroll or to something else you want to spend it on.

Starting an affiliate betting website

If you want to make your betting a full-time business, you can start your own betting website or betting blog where you share your picks.

The picks would work as a way to attract people to your site, and you could then proceed to make affiliate agreements with bookmakers, exchanges and brokers, in order to monetize your site and your tipster activity.

The sky is the limit here, and if you make a successful website, you can potentially earn a lot more as an affiliate than you ever could selling picks. But it also requires a lot more work. You would have to be decent at writing, marketing, and optimization – aside from being good at betting, which is obviously a natural requirement for success here.

Initially, you won’t earn much. With time, it could possibly be a major business earning thousands each month. Most likely, it will be somewhere in between, and it will all depend on your skill, your marketing effort and your work consistency.

What is the best option?

It depends on your own desires, really.

Do you want a solid and stable income from month to month while making your picks? Simply sell tips and find a price that the market is willing to pay.

Do you want minimal work aside from sharing your picks, and do you want to work together with other tipsters? Then get hired by an established betting website.

Are you entrepreneurial, and do you want to be involved in more than just sharing picks? Start your own website or betting business, where providing picks is simply one part of the job, and where the potential is massive through affiliate agreements with bookies.

Do you simply want to give to others and share your picks as a hobby? Then give your picks away for free on social media or established platforms, and let your followers tip you with the money you help them earn if they desire to do so.

Is it worth it to share picks?

It is absolutely worth it to share your picks if you are winning!

Obviously, you should be careful about sharing your method and your exact strategies. But the picks themselves are great to share.

Some might say that winning bettors don’t have a need to earn money as tipsters.

But think about it – any business is always interested in optimizing profits and getting the best possible results. So if you can earn extra, on top of what you are already earning from your personal betting, why not do so?

If you are already making 10 grand per month from your own betting, it doesn’t hurt to earn 1 more grand and let others profit as well.

Of course, all of this is taking into account that you are a PROFITABLE bettor and you know how to spot value. If you are not in the green after at least 500 bets, and if you are not beating the closing odds more often than not, you still need to refine your skill as a bettor before you share anything with others.

Do you have any experience as a tipster? Let us know in the comments.

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