The Henze System

Becoming a millionaire isn’t easy. Through sports betting, it is possible – if you have the skill and if you follow the concepts of value betting, money management, exponential growth and a lot of patience.

But what if you don’t have the patience or the resources to follow the pro sports bettor’s journey and you simply want some fun and excitement instead?

The lottery would be a solid choice in that case. It’s a -EV game, but it gives you the chance of becoming a millionaire, and you have something to look forward to every week.

We discovered something interesting: A betting system that offers you the same thing. Insane highs and the unique chance of becoming a millionaire – but at a much better probability than playing the lottery.

It’s called the Henze System.

What is the Henze System?

The Henze System is a unique betting system that originated on Danish online betting forums. A user named Henze posted on the website PokerNet about the possibility of starting with 100 DKK and using a particular strategy to reach a million.

The strategy dictates that you start with 100 units of your currency (for example USD, EUR or DKK) and you go all-in on a bet where you have a high probability of winning. The goal is to find odds 1.10 on average – that’s -1000 in American odds. Repeat it until you have made 100 bets, and you will reach a bit over a million.

Since the idea was presented, it has been covered by news media and various betting sites. Several people have tried it, but we do not know if anyone has succeeded in the full completion of the Henze System. Henze called it quits himself after reaching 63 bets. Most bettors end up losing or simply cashing out once they reach a high enough amount. It requires balls of steel to keep it going until the million.

100 bets to 1 million

Nevertheless, the goal of the Henze System is to start with 100 and reach 1 million. How is this even possible when betting such small odds?

Well, considering that your “bankroll” increases by 10% after every bet, it goes quite fast.

Let’s say you start with 100 dollars. If every bet is placed at odds 1.10 on average, it will take you 9 bets to reach 200 dollars. It will take you 25 bets to reach 1,000 dollars.

After 50 bets, your bankroll should be just over 10,000 dollars. Now it starts going fast.

If you succeed in hitting 73 bets in a row, you will now have over 100.000 dollars.

You will pass the million at bet number 97. If you do reach 100 wins in a row, at odds 1.10 (-1000 in American odds), you will finish with 1,250,000 dollars. A huge win. You can even continue from there, but the Henze System is really about hitting that million!

Adjustments to the system

You can make some adjustments to the system to try it your own way.

For example, instead of betting odds 1.10, you can try to average odds 1.20 in your bets. This will make the journey significantly faster, although also riskier.

Another option is to start with more than just 100 dollars/euros/your currency. For instance, if you start with 200, the route to a million is 9 bets shorter. If you start with 1,000, the route is 26 bets shorter which becomes quite significant.

It’s fun to experiment theoretically within a spreadsheet in order to find the right strategy.

Best bookmakers for the Henze System

From a practical point of view, it might be difficult to actually implement the Henze System. There are several reasons for this. One of them being that many bookmakers will not allow regular users to suddenly place that much money if they should go deep with the Henze System.

So you need to bet with bookmakers that have high market limits. The best option is actually to find a betting exchange rather than a bookmaker. Betfair is perfect for this purpose. It is often possible to put huge amounts of money on certain outcomes since you will be betting against other players and not the book itself. Betdaq, Matchbook and Smarkets could also work. But remember to think of the commission rates of the exchanges when you bet with them.

As for regular bookies, Bet365, Pinnacle and Cloudbet might be some of your best options. With Cloudbet, you will have to bet with cryptocurrency. But you can always see the market limits and get a clear overview of how much it is possible to bet.

A longshot – but theoretically possible

Needless to say, even though the Henze System is about backing huge favorites and finding “safe” bets at odds 1.10, it is incredibly difficult to hit 100 wins in a row. As far as we know, nobody has succeeded yet. Henze reached 63 bets before taking out the money – a strong accomplishment in itself. Other professionals, such as Jan Tauer, have tried it out but we have not heard anyone hitting the million yet.

Assuming you have around a 90% chance of winning any given bet at odds 1.10, you will have a 0.0036% chance of hitting 97 in a row which will unlock the million. That’s equal to around 1/28.000. Definitely a longshot – but it is possible, and it could happen, just like people who are fortunate enough to win the lottery.

We will give a disclaimer though. This is a very risky system and it requires quite a bit of luck. It should be seen as entertainment and not as an investment of any kind. If you wish to try out the Henze System for yourself, we hope that you find all this information useful, but we also strongly encourage you to only bet small amounts that you can afford to lose. It should be seen as a hobby project and nothing more. The Henze System is not a way to long-term profits like the combination of money management and value betting is. It is pure entertainment. However, we do recommend you to take time and actually research your picks when following the Henze System, instead of selecting 1.10 candidates at random.

If you have tried the Henze System yourself, or if you have any questions regarding it, then feel free to write in the section below.

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