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The purpose of sports betting is to win. But it requires some skill and regular research – so many smart bettors simply choose to tail other tipsters. Here at BoldSharps, we provide free betting tips that you are welcome to follow.

Our experts provide picks in the following sports and leagues:

Soccer/world football
– La Liga (Spain)
– Primeira Liga (Portugal)

American football

– Formula One

Our goal is to provide our readers with value picks so they can increase their chances of winning. For a year and a half, BoldSharps has provided bookmaker reviews and general betting articles. From December 2020 and onwards, we want to expand our activities and also provide free betting tips.

You might have this question: What do we gain from it?

Well, we want to educate our readers, and we also want our readers to win. If we call ourselves sharps, it is only fair that we have to prove ourselves. The best way to do that is by providing picks. At the moment, all of our betting tips are free and available for everyone to read. We will always have free betting tips available, although it is possible that we will have additional paid services on top of that in the future.

As for now, we recommend you to follow our accounts on either or!

We focus on 3 different sports – soccer, American football, and motorsports. Most of our picks are in soccer. We follow the Spanish and Portuguese leagues closely, so the majority of picks will come from those.

It’s important to stress the relevance of getting the best odds on the market. If you use a bet broker, you will almost always get the top odds. Sportmarket is the best one.

If you live in a country where Sportmarket isn’t available, we recommend you to scout the top local sites. A solid reserve option is to sign up with some cryptocurrency sportsbooks. Cloudbet has the best odds, but and Stake are some solid alternatives as well!

All of our betting tips are pre-game. We always post at least an hour in advance. Follow us on the betting platforms, and let’s beat the market together!

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