Formula 1 Betting Tips & Predictions

Formula 1 betting tips

If you like Formula 1 and you also like betting, it’s a match made in heaven. But it’s not always easy to make a profit and it’s not always easy to spot value – for that reason, you may want to get Formula 1 betting tips from expert.

At BoldSharps, we give free F1 betting tips and predictions for every race. Our expert Jacob has been following Formula 1 since 2004 and has a big passion when it comes to motorsports. He has made serious long-term profits and is recognized as one of the leading Formula 1 tipsters at the moment.

If you’re interested in receiving the F1 picks, you only need to sign up for them. Below we will answer the most frequently asked questions.

How do I get your Formula 1 betting tips?

Sign up to our newsletter – you can do it in the right side of the page. Fill in your name or nickname and your email address so we can send you the picks. Also, we need to know where you live, since it has influence on the betting legislations.

Does it cost anything?

No. It is completely free to receive the Formula 1 betting tips. But remember that there is no guarantees of winning (variance and misjudgments can happen, even for the best sharps) so there is always the risk of losing money. While it is free to receive our picks, there is still an obvious financial risk involved.

Then how do you profit from it?

BoldSharps is already a profitable website due to our affiliate programs, and we already make profits on our own betting.

That’s why this service is completely free for everybody.

But we are happy to receive donations if you have made a profit through our tips and want to show appreciation. You can donate directly to motorsport tipster Jacob with Bitcoin to this address: TBD (Address gets updated regularly, but old addresses can still be used for donations.)

Where can I see your statistics?

We have a page with statistics for our suggestions. Check it out here. It gets updated after every race.

Do I need any special bookmaker account?

We suggest picks from bookmakers such as Cloudbet, SBO and Bet365. Most of our suggestions are found on Cloudbet, a Bitcoin bookmaker where anyone can sign up, so that gives everyone an opportunity to join in on the fun.

Most of our picks will be matchups between two drivers, so you will usually be able to find the same options across several different bookmakers.

Can you tell more about your strategy?

Value betting is our definitive strategy when betting on Formula 1 and on everything else. We try to spot value by estimating the probability of a certain outcome, and if the odds are priced too high, then we place our bet. While using value betting as our main strategy, we also use strict money management and advice you to do the same.

If you want to learn more about Jacob’s specific Formula 1 approach, then read this article where he shares basic ideas for F1 betting.

What are you waiting for? Sign up for our free Formula 1 tipster picks today!

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