The Best Ways to Earn Crypto Online (2023)

People around the world are eager to get their hands on cryptocurrencies. But not everyone can afford investing at the moment. One of the best alternatives is to earn crypto, which can be done in several ways.

Here are the best ways to earn crypto online right now.

This article was not written by a financial advisor. It should therefore not be seen as financial advice. We are simply sharing information for the purpose of entertainment.

Take lessons on Coinbase

The exchange platform Coinbase lets you buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies. But it also has a section where you can watch educational videos and read about certain tokens. If you answer the following questions correctly, you earn a few dollars in that particular token and it is immediately credited to your Coinbase account.

After you have earned tokens by taking lessons on Coinbase, you can exchange them into other coins/tokens, you can withdraw them to your personal wallet, or you can just let them sit for now. It is completely up to you.

At any given time, there’s typically between $20-30 worth of crypto that you can earn if you haven’t yet taken the lessons.

To get started with this, sign up with Coinbase here, and verify your identity. You do not need to add a credit card or invest anything to qualify for the lessons.

CoinMarketCap has a similar earn-program that you can also try if you want to earn crypto like on Coinbase – although it is much more difficult to earn rewards on CoinMarketCap since the quizzes are harder.

Invite others to Coinbase

Coinbase also has a referral program that can become very profitable if you know people who are interested in crypto but haven’t yet traded on Coinbase.

It works like this: You log in to your Coinbase account, find your invite link, send your link to someone you know, and if they sign up, both of you will get a reward. The reward is currently set at $10 equivalent in Bitcoin. You receive this reward after your friend has bought or sold $100 worth of crypto. You friend will get the same award as you do, so it is a win-win for both.

The invite link can be sent directly to friends or family via email or a regular text message. You can also share the link on social media or on your own website.

For instance, my referral link is here, so feel free to use it if you haven’t signed up with Coinbase already.

A YouTuber recently published his referral link in the description to one of his videos, and over 50 people signed up, so he earned at least $500 in Bitcoin!

Obviously, most people don’t have that sort of platform or reach, but it shows the potential. If you know a few people who are interested in crypto, try sending them your Coinbase invite link and earn a few bucks.

Post on r/CryptoCurrency

Contrary to popular belief, Reddit is not only a platform for soy-boys. There are some really good communities that can bring value to your life. One of them – quite literally – is r/CryptoCurrency where you can earn Moon tokens by taking part in discussions on the subreddit.

You get these tokens by creating popular posts. The more upvotes you get, the more tokens you earn. It is one of the best ways to earn crypto online and it can even be fun. If you have a great idea for a post about crypto, post it there.

But put some thought into it: Helpful content and good jokes have the highest chances of getting upvotes. Try to share positive thoughts there and you will likely be rewarded.

Moons are distributed roughly once per month based on the ‘karma’ you have on your account. You need to have a vault to receive the tokens. This should be set up on a smartphone within the Reddit app. Read the full Moons Cryptocurrency wiki to get all the information.

Upon earning these tokens, you can swap them into other cryptocurrencies via Metamask. One moon is only worth a few cents at the moment, but if you earn a few hundred moons from participating in the community every month, that’s not bad at all. Some users earn over 2,000 moons per month!

Receive from the Moon Faucet

In continuation of the previous section, there is also another way you can earn moons. So if you aren’t good with words, or if your Reddit posts simply don’t become popular, don’t give up on moons just yet!

Another way to get these tokens is through the Moons Faucet. It is a simple website where users can type in their vault address once a day and receive free moons. You only get a small amount, between 0.01 and 0.09 moons, but you can do it every day and it might add up after a few months. It doesn’t sound like much, and it isn’t really much at the moment, but who knows the potential of the future. Remember that there once was a Bitcoin faucet. In the world of crypto, we should accept all the opportunities we get!

This is how to get free moon tokens from the Moon Faucet:

  1. Go to your Reddit vault and find your address
  2. Paste your address into
  3. Do the captcha check
  4. Receive the moons

You get them credited to your vault instantly, and again, it can be done once a day. It can be a nice addition to posting on the r/CryptoCurrency forum.

If you are loaded with moons/crypto already, you can also donate to the faucet so that other users can receive moons and get their cryptocurrency journey started!

Search on Presearch

Most people search on Google multiple times per day. But we don’t really get any rewards from that, aside from finding answers to our search queries.

Enter Presearch.

This is a search engine that rewards you for using it. Whenever you search for something on Presearch, you earn 0.10 PRE. This is a very easy way to earn crypto online!

Presearch has a limit, though. You can only earn 3 PRE per day which is basically 30 searches. You also must have 1000 PRE before you can withdraw. When you withdraw tokens for the first time, Presearch will look through your browsing history to confirm that you aren’t a bot and that you are legitimately using the search engine.

These rules are a bit strict, and we hope that the withdrawal limits get relaxed in the future, but the rewards are solid. If you use Presearch for about a year and accumulate 1000 PRE, that would be equivalent to roughly $450 at the current exchange rate. All this just for using a search engine which most people already do!

As a search engine, Presearch also works very well, so it is a functional tool. You can set it to search across many different platforms. For instance, you can make a Google search, a YouTube search, or a DuckDuckGo search within Presearch. If you set Presearch as your homepage in your browser, you will quickly become accustomed to it, and you will earn some crypto in a super easy way.

You must be signed in to your Presearch account to start earn tokens. Sign up here and start searching.

(You will get 25 PRE tokens added to your account if you sign up using the link above)

Use the Brave Browser

There is also a browser that rewards you for using it.

Brave is one of the best browsers out there. It is built on the same tech that Google Chrome uses. However, Brave has a natural filter that blocks ads across almost all websites. That makes it a joy to use and it allows you to save time and bandwidth when you use the web.

There is a setting in Brave where you can accept certain ads in exchange for a little bit of crypto. In other words, Brave will occasionally show you an advertisement, and you will get a small amount of BAT (Basic Attention Token) when you see it. These ads seem to show up randomly, although rarely. They are not annoying or intrusive like typical ads on the web.

The rewards in Brave used to be higher than they are now. Possibly because a lot of people are now using the browser.

You can expect to earn between $5-10 worth of BAT tokens per month if you use Brave as your standard browser. It does depend on your location though, and users in some countries seem earn more than in others.

Hopefully bigger rewards will come in the future as they attract more advertisers. In any case, Brave is a great browser with an outstanding ad-blocker, so you might as well use it – even if the crypto rewards are small at the moment.

Download the Brave browser here.

Watch videos on LBRY

The alternative video platform LBRY, also known as Odysee, rewards you with tokens for using the platform.

LBRY is the name of the application that you can install on your computer/tablet/phone. Odysee is the equivalent browser version. You get the rewards regardless of which platform you decide to use.

You’ll need to sign up on the site before you can start earning.

Signing up through the link above will earn you a little bonus to get started.

Once you have signed up, you must verify that you are a human and that you aren’t multi-accounting. This is done by either confirming your phone number, by letting them charge $1 to your credit card, or by chatting with one of their folks on Discord. You only have to do one of those verification methods, and you can decide which one yourself.

After that, you can start watching videos on Odysee/LBRY. They have a lot of alternative content on the platform. Many content creators who were banned from other platforms have gone to Odysee and new content is added constantly.

Every day you can collect a reward from simply using the platform. It is called the “Daily Watch Reward”. You can claim it one time each 24 hours and you will get a random reward from anywhere between 0.2 and 100 tokens. Even if you only watch a few seconds of a video, you can collect the daily reward.

You also get solid rewards from uploading videos and sharing content yourself. In other words, LBRY/Odysee will reward consumers as well as creators. Watching videos and subscribing to creators will gradually earn you more and more tokens – and they add up after a while. If you use LBRY or Odysee every day, it can become quite a lot after a year.

Combined with Brave and Presearch, general internet usage can now earn us a decent amount of money, so we might as well take advantage. At the moment, LBRY tokens are only worth a few cents apiece, but who knows how much they will be worth in the future if the platform has a breakthrough? Sign up in the browser version here.

Stake your current holdings

Some cryptocurrencies can be staked. More specifically, the coins that use the Proof of Stake (PoS) concept let you do this. When you stake an asset, you basically lock your holdings up on the blockchain and that provides security for everyone else. It helps secure the network, and you get rewarded with earnings.

Cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Polkadot, Cardano, Cosmos, Solana and Tezos are examples of coins that can be staked. If you hold one or more of these, consider staking them. It lets your assets grow rather than staying dormant in the wallet.

To stake Ethereum, you need 23 ETH which is a lot, but most of the other coins can be staked even if you own very small amounts. Cosmos, for example, can be staked even if you only own a few dollars worth of the asset.

Staking rewards are continuously accumulated. The more you stake, the more you earn. Most PoS assets return approximately 4-12% in a year. And meanwhile, your crypto can still grow in value as it is still fully yours!

Most exchanges and wallets can hook you up with staking pools where the process is completely automated. You really just have to click a few buttons and declare how much of your crypto you want to stake. With regards to the Proof of Stake assets, they are staked on-chain which is contract-based. Some exchanges offer off-chain staking for some assets. If you decide to do this, be sure that you trust the company. It is generally best to stake on-chain.

Overall, staking is arguably the easiest way to earn more crypto. But it does require you to already have some assets, so it doesn’t really work for a beginner. But it does work if you have some coins already. Maybe you do, and if so you can start earning through staking. If you don’t have any yet, just follow the other methods to earn crypto as described here in this article and start staking later on.

Lend out your crypto (DeFi)

From a user perspective, lending is as easy as staking. The concept is easy to understand: You lend out some crypto to the community and in turn you earn some interest. This will be a fluctuating percentage and it largely depends on which platform you use. While you lend out your assets, you still own it and can withdraw it at any given time. It is simply being put into a smart contract while it is on the lending platform.

Two of the biggest lending platforms right now are Aave and Compound. On both of these platforms, you can lend out more than 10 different assets. You generally get the biggest interest rate if you deposit stablecoins (DAI, USDC, USDT) – but you can also earn a percentage by lending out regular assets such as Ethereum, Chainlink and Basic Attention Token.

The AMPL token gives insane returns on Aave, sometimes up to more than 80,000% APY, so that is the best option for earning through lending.

On top of earning interest you will also be rewarded with governance tokens from whichever platform you use. If you use Aave, you will sometimes get additional rewards in the stkAAVE token, and if you use Compound, you will get additional rewards in the COMP token.

Lending is very easy. But again, it requires you to already own some crypto. Furthermore, there can be some Ethereum fees as you deposit and withdraw into smart contracts on the lending platform. You also need to lend assets to the community for a while before you start earning a lot. The more and the longer you lend, the bigger the rewards.

Look out for airdrops

Airdrops are when crypto companies distribute free coins/tokens to the community.

New crypto projects may offer airdrops to gain attention and to lure people in. In most cases, airdrops aren’t really worth much. They are typically low cap tokens that don’t succeed. But there are some noteworthy exceptions, and there are different types of airdrops.

Some companies give airdrops completely free of charge – to everyone who simply applies for the airdrop. Usually these airdrops aren’t worth much.

Other companies have requirements: It could be that you have to follow them on Twitter, join a Telegram group, or something like that. Rarely worth the trouble. If you sign up on the newsletter at CoinMarketCap, they will alert you when a project offers this type of airdrop.

And then we have the community airdrops where token holders and contributors are rewarded. Uniswap once gave out a massive reward to anyone who had traded on their platform, and Ampleforth once rewarded everyone who held or had used AMPL tokens with their new governance token, FORTH. These are two of the most noteworthy examples, but it has happened several times.

So look out for airdrops. If you have been involved in a project or if you have held any particular token, don’t completely forget about the project. Check in every now and then, because who knows – they might just give out an airdrop to past and present holders.

To keep an eye on the smaller airdrops that are open for everyone, use a site like

Mine cryptocurrency

If you love the technological side of crypto, mining might be the right choice for you. Proof of Work (PoW) assets can be mined and the best example is Bitcoin.

Several years ago, it was easy to mine crypto. It could be done on a laptop. Nowadays, it is much harder. It has gradually become harder to successfully mine, and the competition has also increased. For most people it is not profitable to mine cryptocurrency right now, but if crypto assets continue to increase in value in the future, it could still be profitable long term.

However, it depends on your personal situation: If you don’t have money to invest in mining equipment, and if you live in a country where electricity is expensive, then forget about it! But if power is cheap, maybe you can try it out. Bitcoin is really difficult to mine. But a coin like Monero is well suited for people who want to mine at home – Monero can be mined on a regular computer thanks to the RandomX algorithm. It still consumes power, but it is possible to do it. You would need a solid computer and you would have to join one of the mining pools to get started. Mining rewards would then tick in continuously.

Mining is certainly not the easiest way to earn crypto, but it is a possibility for some people. I would, first and foremost, recommend mining Monero since it is the easiest one to mine and since it is actually a good coin with a clear purpose (private money).

Work for it

Maybe you are reading this article because you can’t afford to invest in crypto at the moment. Don’t worry – many people are in this situation, and yet they still manage to accumulate coins.

One way is to actually work for it. There are freelancing sites where you can work in exchange for crypto.

Some common ways to do this are to write articles for crypto websites, to design web graphics, to code, or even to be a virtual assistent. There are many tasks that online business need on a regular basis. Writing is probably the easiest one to get into. By working as an online freelancer, you can earn some serious money in crypto if you are good enough and dedicated enough. Look up freelancing platforms and see if someone is willing to pay you in crypto.

Sell items for crypto

Do you have some items that you plan to sell?

If you have an old bike in the garage, a guitar you no longer use, or an old pack of Pokémon cards you found in the basement, you could sell them and earn some cash.

There are many online sites where people connect to buy and sell items. It happens on social media as well. On Facebook, there are many groups for buying and selling second-hand items. You just have to make it clear that you are selling in exchange for crypto rather than for fiat money – and if you find a buyer, you get to earn crypto assets! In this case, Bitcoin would probably be the best currency to use since it is most widely known and regularly used for buying and selling things.

Crypto betting

Sports betting is a major industry and naturally, many online bookmakers now let players bet with cryptocurrencies. Gambling is always a risk, and we certainly don’t recommend that you go out and play casino with your hard-earned crypto.

But unlike playing casino, sports betting actually involves skill. If you are familiar with concepts such as value betting and money management, you know that it is possible for players to beat the bookies if they have knowledge, basic math skills and are able to be disciplined and follow a stable staking strategy.

If you know a lot about some sport, then betting might be an option for you. Are you into soccer, tennis, motorsports or basketball? Do you believe you are better than the bookmakers at estimating probabilities? Then you can also make a profit! Many articles on this site are dedicated to sports betting so there are plenty of sources if you wish to learn more about this.

The best cryptocurrency bookmakers on the market are Cloudbet, Stake and Nitrogen Sports.

Cloudbet is our favorite by far. The odds are really competitive, the platform is nice to use, and they accept lowrollers as well as highrollers.

Sign up with Cloudbet here if you want to give it a go.

To conclude, there are many different methods to earn crypto online. Some of the methods are super easy, while others are a bit more difficult and takes some actual work. But thankfully, we live in a world where everyone can obtain at least some amount of cryptocurrency, and we wish you the best of luck if you are getting into the world of digital finance!

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