Daily Rocket

BoldSharps is usually dedicated to serious sports betting, but we also have an entertaining corner which we call the ‘Daily Rocket’.

The idea is simple: We start at 100€ and we bet on relatively safe, low odds matches (on average, around 1.10). We go all-in with this small bankroll on every bet, and slowly, it accumulates into much more. If it reaches 100,000€, we will cash it out and start over. If we lose, we will also start over. This strategy is known as the Henze System, and we have described it in detail here.

Every day, BoldSharps expert Jacob finds a relatively safe, low-paying odds and recommends it here. Feel free to play along, but it’s important to know that this system is only for entertainment. It is -EV in the long run, and we are only doing it for fun. Yet, it gives you better odds of making a big payday than playing the lottery. Remember also that you are in control of your own bets if you decide to follow. You don’t have to wait until 100,000€ to cash out as we do – you can retire your bankroll earlier if you get to an amount you’re satisfied with.

The Daily Rocket bets get placed with Betfair since it’s the only provider that has liquidity enough to handle wagers of many thousand euros. All odds are shown BEFORE commission.

For this system, team sports such as world football/soccer, American football, basketball, and hockey are preferred due to less variance than in individual sports. We target the following spots for our bets in the Daily Rocket:

  • Great teams playing at home against bad opponents or mid-level opponents in bad spots
  • Great teams playing away against particularly bad opponents
  • Over 0.5 goals in matches with high scoring teams (world football/soccer)
  • Low overs in games with high scoring teams (American football)
  • Applies to all of the above: Odds between 1.03 and 1.30. Most will be around the 1.10 range

Bet(s) of the day is/are:

Over 0.5 goals, Famalicão vs Braga @ 1.06 (180.57€)

Previous bets:

Over 0.5 goals, Vitoria de Guimarães vs Moreirense @ 1.09 (166.55€) – WON

Over 0.5 goals, Norwich vs Southampton @ 1.07 (156.32€) – WON

Sporting CP +0.5 vs Tondela @ 1.15 (137.09€) – WON

Over 0.5 goals, Alaves vs Real Sociedad @ 1.11 (124.31€) – WON

Benfica +0.5 vs Rio Ave @ 1.26 (100€) – WON


Dortmund +0.5 vs Mainz @ 1.10 (319.60€) – LOST

Over 0.5 goals, Eintracht Frankfurt vs Schalke 04 @ 1.06 (302.62€) – WON

Barcelona vs Leganés @ 1.21 (250.99€) – WON

Villarreal +0.5 vs Mallorca @ 1.16 (218.33€) – WON

Over 0.5 goals, Real Betis vs Granada @ 1.08 (203.14) – WON

Over 0.5 goals, Levante vs Sevilla @ 1.06 (192.35) – WON

Real Madrid vs Eibar @ 1.26 (154.73€) – WON

Over 0.5 goals, Braga vs Boavista @ 1.07 (145.22€) – WON

Dortmund +0.5 vs Fortuna Düsseldorf @ 1.12 (130.57€) – WON

Sporting CP +0.5 vs Pacos de Ferreira @ 1.15 (114.51€) – WON

Over 0.5 goals, Moreirense vs Rio Ave @ 1.08 (106.54€) – WON

Over 0.5 goals, Sevilla vs Real Betis @ 1.07 (100€) – WON

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