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Personal limitations are a big issue in sports betting. Most bookmakers will simply not allow their players to earn long-term profits. If the average bookie identifies you as a “serious bettor”, they will put strict limits on the amounts you’re able to bet. Therefore, sharps and pros need to find bookmakers without limits – and fortunately, there are a few of them. Get the full overview here.

If you’re a serious sports bettor, you need to bet with the right bookmakers. That rules out most of the typical European bookmakers.

Your available options will be the exchanges, the Asian bookmakers that need sharps to adjust their lines, and the anonymous cryptocurrency bookmakers where you can create a new user if something happens to an old one. Ultimately, you can also use a broker, where you will also avoid personal limits.

Crypto bookmakers

We have fallen completely in love with crypto bookmakers – the sportsbooks that operate in cryptocurrencies.

They don’t put personal limits on you, as you play anonymously. Even if they were to limit you, you could simply create a new account. The best crypto bookmakers don’t ask you for any personal information unless there is some special reason for it. In most cases, you don’t have to go through any KYC process, you don’t have to use a credit card, you don’t need to prove anything. As long as you can deposit and withdraw with a cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash or Ethereum, you’re good to go.

It only takes minutes to sign up with a cryptocurrency bookmaker. Deposits usually get credit immediately. Just like in the category of normal bookmakers, some of the crypto bookies have great odds, while others have non-competitive odds. You want to sign up with a crypto bookmaker that does allow you to place the amounts you like, without any risk of limitations – but at the same time, it is also important that the bookie has good enough odds to make it worthwhile.

Here are the best crypto bookmakers:


Cloudbet is our favorite bookmaker at the moment. They operate exclusively with cryptocurrencies. You can bet with Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, DAI, Chainlink and other popular cryptocurrencies.

The odds are very high for most major sports. In fact, if Cloudbet was a regular bookmaker, it would still rank among the very best. On NFL games there is usually a theoretical payback rate of 96-97% and that number is the same for Premier League handicaps and totals. Quite good!

Cloudbet doesn’t do any KYC, so you simply sign up and bet. We have never heard of anyone who got limited by Cloudbet. It is quite difficult to put personal limits when accounts are anonymous. You do need an email to sign up though.

Start betting with Cloudbet here! has a better platform than Cloudbet, but their odds are not quite as strong.

In many ways, can be considered the cryptocurrency version of Bet365. A very nice platform, large selection, somewhat decent odds, and acceptable service. The benefit of using is that you bet anonymously and therefore won’t face any personal limits!

Check out the platform for yourself and see if it’s a place where you would like to bet. Again, to take advantage of this bookie without limits, you must bet with cryptocurrency. Bitcoin and Ethereum are both great for the purpose.

Take a look at right here!

Nitrogen Sports

Nitrogen Sports does not have a very impressive platform, and their support isn’t that fast either, but they have great odds – especially when it comes to handicaps and totals in various sports.

Furthermore, it is yet another anonymous bookmaker without personal limits. It is arguably the most anonymous of them all since an email isn’t even necessary to sign up (although still highly recommended so you have a safety blanket for your account)!

You have to bet with Bitcoin when you use Nitrogen. We personally have a great experience during so. Nitrogen can be a pain in the ass to use because of their impractical platform, but the benefits are definitely there regarding high odds, lack of limits, and anonymity.

Sign up with Nitrogen Sports here!

Read our full article on Bitcoin bookmakers here if you want more information. Let’s look into the next category of bookmakers that don’t limit players.

Betting exchanges

Maybe you have experience with Betfair or another exchange. They don’t have any personal limits, which is great, so it’s the first place that many limited players turn to when they can’t bet elsewhere.

While it’s great that there are no personal limits with exchanges, there are some market limits, and they can sometimes be a bit short. It depends on the sport you are betting and what time you prefer placing your bets. If you’re into challenger tennis, and you like to place your bet a day or two before, then forget about it. Market limits will be tiny. But if you’re into football/soccer, basketball, large tennis games, and you like to place your bets on match day, then no problem – in that case, betting exchanges will be great.

Best betting exchanges at the moment:

  • Betfair
  • Betdaq
  • Matchbook
  • Smarkets

Asian bookmakers

The most serious Asian bookmakers don’t have any limits either. The reason is that they like to take large volume, and unlike European bookmakers, they don’t offer a thousand different options on each game. Asian bookmakers mostly offer handicaps and totals, and that’s it.

They prefer to take a large volume and have a small edge, rather than have a small volume and a large edge. It’s simply the most profitable system for them, and fortunately it allows winning players to be among the customers. It doesn’t matter to the Asian bookie if a player is winning or not, since they get the books balanced by only offering two lines. In fact, the sharps are helpful to them, as they help them get the lines right. The bookmaker can see what the long-term winning sharps are doing and put their prices accordingly.

Best Asian bookmakers at the moment:


Betting brokerages are also fine choices if you don’t want any personal limits. A bet broker is a platform where you make one user and you get access to several bookmakers and exchanges at once. Due to the nature of this concept, brokers don’t have any reason to give you personal limits, and they usually don’t. There will however be market limits, but they are similar to the market limits that you will find at a regular bookmaker.

We highly recommend using a bet broker. At the moment, SportMarket is the best one. Check out their platform or read our SportMarket review if you’re curious. You can also check out the article on why you should use a betting brokerage.

So there you have it – a lot of different betting sites that won’t put personal limits on you. You’ll no longer have to worry about limitations, and that will be a nice change if you’re used to the soft Euro bookies that don’t allow you to win for any longer than a month or two.

Let us know in the comment section if you know any other bookmakers that don’t give their players any personal limits.

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