Best Bitcoin Bookmakers in 2023

Best Bitcoin bookmakers

Betting with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are only getting more and more popular. It gives you a chance to bet anonymously with several bookmakers, and withdrawals are way faster. We have tested the market to find the best Bitcoin bookmaker at the moment. Read on below for more information.

It is obviously appealing to bet with Bitcoin. There are many benefits and it is easy to get started. Many Bitcoin bookmakers are on the same level as classic bookmakers, so you’re not really missing out on anything by switching to this concept.

However, not all bookmakers are the same, and like on every other market, there are some bookmakers that rank above others. To make things more simple and straightforward, we have looked into all of the most popular Bitcoin bookmakers.

Best Bitcoin Sportsbooks

Below you will find rankings of the best Bitcoin sportsbooks on the market in 2023. We value things such as anonymity, high odds, no personal limits, functional platform, and mobile availability. The speed of deposits and withdrawals is also important, although largely dependent on the blockchains.

Without speaking any further, let’s move on to what it’s really about: The best bookmakers that allow you to play with Bitcoin.


Cloudbet has the highest odds among all the serious Bitcoin bookies, they have incredibly fast payouts, nice customer service, and their platform is really easy to use. It’s a great bookmaker for serious bettors that are limited elsewhere. It’s also a great bookmaker for absolute beginners.

In fact, there are very few downsides to Cloudbet. It’s literally full of positives. Based on our tests, it is by far the best crypto sportsbook right now, and we even rank it as one of the best bookmakers overall.

Cloudbet accepts players from everywhere. Yes, even from the United States, and also from European countries where licenses are usually required to provide a betting service. You sign up anonymously at Cloudbet. Unless you play for any huge amounts, you shouldn’t expect to go through any KYC-process or show any documentation. It does apparently happen to a few players if there is suspicion of fraud, but in most cases, users can play without providing any specific documents.

They have a theoretical payback rate of at least 95% on most major sports. It’s a great bookmaker for betting on soccer, tennis, basketball, American football and Formula 1.

Since Cloudbet is obviously the best on the market, we simply recommend you to sign up with them and start playing. If you choose to bet with Cloudbet, you most likely won’t need any alternatives.

Sign up with Cloudbet here and start betting for real!

Nitrogen Sports

The only Bitcoin sportsbook that is truly anonymous for all players. You give absolutely zero personal information, and we haven’t heard of anyone that has been asked for ID.

Overall, Nitrogen Sports have odds that are competitive. They get their odds from Pinnacle, arguably the sharpest bookmaker on the market, but they adjust the payback rate and make the odds slightly lower. Ultimately, they end up offering odds that are just a bit lower than Cloudbet, although Nitrogen Sports sometimes rank as the best when betting on American sports leagues such as the NFL and NHL, plus e-sports.

While their platform is good, it is a bit more complicated than Cloudbet’s easy and simple platform. For that reason, and because of the odds, we rank Cloudbet slightly above Nitrogen, but there is no doubt that this bookmaker is very solid as well.

Nitrogen Sports especially excels when it comes to withdrawals. They have no fees for withdrawing Bitcoins, in fact, you don’t even pay for the network fee. And it happens within hours at most.

So if you want to add another Bitcoin bookmaker to your portfolio, then Nitrogen Sports is definitely one of your best options.

Go to Nitrogen Sports and sign up here!


Another popular Bitcoin sportsbook that can certainly come to good use. has a very simple design, which makes the platform easy to use. You can quickly find an event and place your bet. allows you to bet with Bitcoin as well as other currencies. They offer support 24/7 and have decent odds on many events, although not as competitive as Cloudbet and Nitrogen Sports. A deposit gets credited immediately, even with 0 confirmations. This is a huge advantage. They have live events and high limits on most popular sporting events.

Betting here is not entirely anonymous though, as you have to fill out a bit of personal information, such as your date of birth. Some customers might have to go through a KYC check. However, it is perfectly safe to share these pieces of information, as Sportsbet is a licensed bookmaker in Curacao.

Overall, we are fans of and consider it to be among the top 5 Bitcoin bookmakers on the market.

Betcoin Sports also allows you to bet with Bitcoin. They are open to almost all players around the world and specifically target American players.

You can bet on a wide variety of events. Betcoin has also the most popular sports, including soccer, tennis, football, basketball and more. They also offer a nice selection when it comes to e-sports betting. The odds are generally high and competitive, allowing players to make a profit if they are good.

Deposits, as well as withdrawals, are instant and easy. The platform is inspired by classic fiat bookmakers but can appear somewhat confusing due to a high amount of content. However, it should be simple to use after getting used to it for a day or two.

There are several bonuses when you bet with Betcoin Sports, including a welcome bonus for new players. You get extra credit to play with after each of your first three deposits – a very generous offer to newcomers.

Another advantage: You can bet with several cryptocurrencies at Betcoin. Obviously Bitcoin is an option, but so is Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash and Dash. Plenty of options.

Betcoin Sports has been online since 2012 and is, therefore, one of the most experienced Bitcoin bookmakers.


We are not quite sure what to think of 1xBit. They are related to the famous 1xBet bookmaker that most people either love or hate. It is exactly the same with 1xBit – a Bitcoin bookie that usually gets mixed reviews.

They provide really competitive odds, usually on top of the market. So it is certainly tempting to open an account, simply due to this reason. They also have a huge range of sports available, and you can bet on almost anything that is going on – often a long time in advance.

You can sign up anonymously in less than a minute, and you can bet with many different cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash and Monero. In most cases, users will not be asked to provide any personal information, and 1xBit is open to players of all nationalities.

There is a welcome bonus to new players, along with other regular promotions.

The minuses, and the reasons why 1xBit sometimes get bad reviews, are that their customer service is known to not be very helpful. Transactions are also a bit slower with 1xBit compared to the other crypto bookmakers. The platform can be a bit difficult to use at times since it is packed with events and since it is sometimes a little slow. These things give a slightly worse user experience, but because of the high odds and huge selection, we still consider 1xBit to be one of the best bookmakers of this kind.

Why bet with Bitcoin?

If you haven’t bet with Bitcoin before, you might not be familiar with all the benefits. So let’s go through them now, because there are many nice benefits to Bitcoin betting.

The main advantage is that you can play anonymously with some bookmakers. When betting with Cloudbet or Nitrogen Sports, you don’t need to show any personal information, unless there is some kind of suspicion of fraud, which almost never happens. Being able to bet anonymously is a way to avoid limits, and since you can always create new users, it gives a lot of options.

Depositing and withdrawing cryptocurrencies usually go a lot faster than dealing with traditional money.

Also, cryptocurrencies have increased a lot in value over the last few years, so if you don’t mind the extra variance, there can be big potential in having your bankroll in Bitcoin or another crypto.

How to get Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies)

It’s generally quite easy to get a hold of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

First of all, you can buy it at an exchange. There are many of these. Coinbase and Kraken are some popular ones. They require documentation and you have to link your bank account to their exchange, but after that is done, you can buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies at very low fees.

If you don’t mind a bit higher fees, you can buy Bitcoin privately from someone else that already has some. There are several sites where users can trade. LocalBitcoins is one of the most popular. For Bitcoin Cash, you can use, a great platform for getting a hold of BCH.

Another possibility is to download a Bitcoin wallet. A lot of modern wallets allow you to purchase cryptocurrencies directly in the app. There are also websites that sell Bitcoin. You can expect to use your credit card for this purpose. A fee of 5-10% is not unusual to pay here.

Lastly, if you already have one cryptocurrency, you can always exchange it for another one. That can be done in a lot of wallets. For example in Exodus and Coinbase Wallet, among others. Changing one crypto into another has lower fees than when buying Bitcoin. It can be done for a fee between 1-3%, which isn’t much. For example, you can change Ethereum into Bitcoin, or Litecoin into Bitcoin Cash. Any exchange combination is possible.

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