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Here at BoldSharps, we are working on a betting spreadsheet that will be free to use for all of our visitors. It is not released yet, but when it does get released, we will share it here. If you continue reading below, you can get an idea of the features the spreadsheet will provide.

Information about the spreadsheet

We are working on the best possible spreadsheet for tracking your bets. It will be freely distributed and it will be put up for download here on this page.

In the spreadsheet, you will be able to write in all of your bets, and you will be able to access various statistics from the settled bets.

Here is a full list of expected features:

  • Sort your results based on bookmakers
  • Sort your results based on sports
  • Full graph
  • Full EV graph based on closing odds
  • Bankroll overview
  • And much more

Release date

We hope to release the spreadsheet around August or September. It could, however, end up being slightly before or after this estimate. No guarantees at this point.

Why use a betting spreadsheet?

The best reason for using a spreadsheet is simply to keep track of your bets.

Any serious bettor knows that it is essential to keep records. Our bet tracker will allow you to analyze your edge. It contains so many categories of information that you will be able to re-analyze your stats at any given time – in order to constantly improve as a punter.

Can I share this with others?

BoldSharps owns the copyrights to the betting spreadsheet. It is accessible for personal use only.

If you wish to share it with others, simply send them a link to this page, and they will be able to download it and use it for themselves. In other words, you are not allowed to share the spreadsheet on your own blog or your own betting page, and you are obviously not allowed to take credit for the spreadsheet.

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