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You’re probably familiar with Bet365 – one of the most popular bookmakers in the world. This bookie is based in Stoke-on-Trent, England. With a huge commercial effort, they have a huge customer base, but is Bet365 actually one of the best places to bet if you’re serious about winning? Let’s look into that here.

At first glance, Bet365 is certainly an interesting bookmaker. And we rank it highly in many regards: Sure, the odds could be higher, but with arguably the best game selection on the market, you’ll have plenty of chances to make a profit. Bet365 offers a bonus to new users, and while they do limit winning players, only a handful of sharps will feel it. Read all the points below to get a full overview of the service that Bet365 provides.


Bet365 has nice odds without being spectacular. Among the Euro bookmakers (also known as soft bookmakers) they usually rank among the best, but when comparing to the Asian bookies, they are slightly behind.

On most sports, Bet365 will have a margin of 5-8% which is typical for a European-based bookmaker. However, they usually provide one or two handicap lines in world football/soccer where the margin is just 2% as the Asian bookmakers. Bet365 also offers good odds in Premier League games.

But when it comes to most events, Bet365 has a similar strategy to the other soft bookies, which is not necessarily bad, since the odds can still be flawed and priced wrong, but you shouldn’t expect the absolute best margins compared to the full market.

So, the odds could be better, but Bet365 still ranks nicely above average.

Rating: 8/10

Game selection

The game selection stands out as one of the best benefits of using Bet365. You can bet on almost any sport in the world. And in most cases, you’ll have several options at every single event. It’s not uncommon to find hundreds of variations, so there will literally always be nice opportunities when you are a Bet365 user. From matchups in individual sports, to goalscorers and other performers in team sports, outright tournament winners, specific handicaps, and so on.  The selection is amazing. It’s very difficult to find another bookmaker with such a good game selection.

Rating: 10/10


Some players get limited with Bet365. If you’re winning large amounts over a period of time, and if you have been identified as a pro player, they will most likely limit you eventually. However, Bet365 is not as fast to do it as other soft bookmakers. It usually takes a while before it happens. Some sharps may never even get limited, so for some, it is possible to fly under the radar.

It also depends on what sports you bet on. Are you making a huge profit on niche sports such as e-sports, cycling and motorsports? Then you have a high chance of getting limited. Are you rather making a huge profit on Asian handicaps in big football leagues? Then the chances of personal limitations are quite low, you’re betting against the market, so Bet365 will not have much of a problem with this.

However, the surefire way to get limited is if you are using some kind of software that tracks the market odds, and you are ALWAYS betting when Bet365 sticks out. That’s a clear sign that you are not using betting as entertainment, or even using your own analysis, but rather taking advantage of their service.

Rating: 7/10


Bet365 offers a welcome bonus to all new customers. Since the amount and the bonus conditions may vary from country to country, we can’t be very specific here, but it’s a bonus around the same size as what other European bookmakers offer, but with slightly better conditions.

Aside from the bonus itself, you can enjoy several regular promotions, often related to big sports events where Bet365 offers small bonuses, free bets, and so on. Overall, they do a very good job here.

Rating: 9/10

Layout and navigation

Bet365 has a perfect platform in many regards. It feels smooth, it’s easy to navigate around, and it’s easy to access everything – from different sports to your account details. A small issue is that they simply have too much and that it can seem overwhelming for new users (even though it’s actually not – after getting used to it).

It has a typical, yet modern bookmaker look where green is the major color. It looks nice to the eye, and when hitting the web page, you’re never in any doubt since Bet365 is famous for its design.

The main thing that Bet365 does wrong is that the search form is still fairly new and a bit messy. When you search for a team, a player, or an event, it might not always show up, even if they offer odds on that team or event when browsing through the selection yourself. The search function would be better if it was more inclusive and intuitive like the one they have at Unibet or 888sport. Still, it’s positive that they have one, and when taking everything into account, Bet365’s platform is quite good.

Rating: 8/10


With one of the best mobile apps on the market, Bet365 is doing really well at the mobile scene. You can do the exact same things as you can on the desktop version, and it may even feel more smooth on the phone.

You can also log in with your fingerprint or Face ID which is also very smart. Overall, nothing to complain about here, but it would be nice with a more accessible search form. Due to the smoothness of their mobile application, we’ll rank it slightly higher than the web page version.

Rating: 9/10

Customer service

The customer service that you get with Bet365 is like you would expect. It’s one of the largest bookmakers in the world, so naturally, they have a large staff ready to help at almost any moment during the day. Getting support in English will always be an option. Getting support in a local language will likely be an option within certain opening hours.

The staff helps you solve the most common issues in a very short time. Of course, there might be some occasional delays or some things that take longer. A few users have experienced problems with the Bet365 customer service, but the majority is quite satisfied with the service they get.

You can contact Bet365 in several ways – through mail, live chat and phone. Live chat is usually the best way to go.

Rating: 8/10

Deposit and withdrawal

The options when it comes to deposit and withdrawal are fairly normal when comparing to other bookmakers.

Most users will have the opportunity to use credit cards (VISA, MasterCard), e-wallets (Neteller, Skrill) and bank transfer. Other options are also available, such as PaySafeCard, and in some countries, PayPal. Enough to cover most needs, but a few more options (such as cryptocurrencies and more e-wallets) obviously wouldn’t hurt.

Rating: 8/10

How to sign up

Go to Bet365’s own website and click create account in the upper right section, close to the log in options. It doesn’t take more than a few minutes to sign up. You have to give your personal information, such as name, address, age, phone number, and so on. Later you will be asked to verify these details, but once again, it should go smooth and fast. Deposit money and you’ll be ready to bet. The sign up process is very straightforward!

There is no real alternative to Bet365 since nobody else will have the exact same odds or the exact same selection. And if you can’t play with Bet365, a bookmaker that is active in most countries, you most likely won’t be able to play with most other regular bookmakers either. In that case, use a Bitcoin bookmaker with a large selection, such as Cloudbet.


Bet365 ranks high when it comes to the game selection, the bonuses and the mobile platform. Those are highly important for new players, so you could argue that Bet365 is the best choice for anyone looking to build up a bankroll and get familiar with the routines of serious betting.

Is Bet365 also a good choice for sharps and professionals? Perhaps so, but not always. The game selection is very useful, and it certainly never hurts to have an account with them. If you get limited, tough luck, but if you don’t, then Bet365 is good to have in the portfolio. Sometimes you’ll be able to catch odds that are sticking out compared to the rest of the market. And you’ll be able to bet on sports that the Asian bookmakers simply do not offer.

To conclude – we recommend Bet365 for almost everyone. But it will be of most use to new players that are getting started with betting.

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