Best Odds Comparison Sites (Top 5)

It’s essential to find the best odds on the market whenever you place a bet. This will secure maximum profit, and that’s also why it’s important to have a wide portfolio of bookmakers to use. Before betting on any outcome, you should compare the odds on the market and bet the highest one. Here are the best odds comparison sites.


OddsPortal is arguably the easiest odds comparison site to use.

It has somewhat limited advertisements compared to the other sites, and the list of bookmakers and odds is always placed right at the center. You can compare odds on all the major sports leagues, and it is possible to compare odds across different segments such as spreads, handicaps, totals, outrights, even several props.

The search function works well, so within seconds you can get to the game on which you are planning to bet.

Aside from providing odds comparisons between bookmakers before the games are starting, OddsPortal also provides easy access to historic odds. This is very useful if you want to check closing odds on the games that you bet – since beating the closing odds is one of the main metrics that determine whether you are a competent bettor or not.

If you’re visiting OddsPortal as a guest, you can only see a limited comparison of approximately 15 bookmakers. However, if you create a user and log in, you can get an overview of over 30 bookies which will easily allow you to find the top odds on the market.


Oddschecker is gaining a lot of ground at the moment. With its modern design and creative setup, it is very easy to spot the top prices on the market.

Oddschecker has a very British focus, primarily showing British-based bookmakers and sports such as football, horse racing, darts and politics. But it can be used anywhere, and it’s a joy to use the site.

We believe that Oddschecker is the best place when it comes to outrights. So if you want to bet on long-term winners, particularly in the fields of football and politics, this is the best place to get an overview of the odds that are provided with the bookies. Oddschecker also lists actual prices with the exchanges.


Here is one of the old names. EasyOdds has been providing odds comparison services since 2000 and it still does so now. The platform isn’t the best to use, but there is a lot of information, and it is good to use if you really want to go in-depth. You can even link your bookie accounts and quickly advance to bet whenever you observe the odds and find one that sticks out.

Again, it’s not the easiest to use, and it requires a bit more navigation than the other sites, but EasyOdds ultimately provides very useful comparisons, and we expect that to continue a long time into the future as well. Test it out and see if you like the platform.


BetBrain used to be our favorite. It’s a site that provides great comparisons across almost all sports, and the odds are always accurate.

However, there have been many problems with BetBrain in recent times. One of the problems is that the website is down a lot. Also, they have a lot of advertisements, and loading can be a bit slow. This is a shame because the site used to be great. It’s still serviceable, and we recommend it highly for outrights, but it is no longer the best odds comparison site on the market since others have caught up with BetBrain.


OddsMarket is the perfect comparison site for American sports. It provides a great overview of spreads and totals, and it clearly makes the top odds stand out.

The design and layout of the website are very smooth so it is a joy to use. Furthermore, the site has a bet tracker and several useful tools. It has some limitations when comparing odds that aren’t spreads, totals and money lines, but if you are primarily betting on the NFL, the NBA, the NHL, etc., then OddsMarket might be the best option of them all.

Why use an odds comparison site?

Odds comparison websites are useful in several ways.

Firstly, it allows you to find the top odds on the market every time you want to place a bet. So if a bookmaker stands out from the rest, you can quickly take advantage of it.

You also get a better feel for the market. You can see the odds changes and the direction things are moving in.

If you haven’t selected a bookmaker yet, an odds comparison website can be used for choosing which bookie you want to use. By checking the market on some events, you can see who generally has competitive odds and who doesn’t, and then you can make an informed choice on which bookie to sign up with – another solution is to read bookmaker reviews.

Some odds comparison sites are free, while others cost money to use. This will usually be in the form of a monthly subscription.

We recommend using the free services first. Many of them do require you to create an account in order to get full overviews and customizations with the bookies you have in your portfolio. But these are working well, OddsPortal is a great example, so unless you have very specific needs for odds comparisons, you don’t need to pay for this type of service.


There are several nice comparison sites out there, so you can always find a great place to check the markets. This can be useful when optimizing your profits and when analyzing where the market is trending. We believe that OddsPortal is the best comparison site at the moment, but there are also some nice alternatives if you prefer a different platform.

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