Best NFL betting sites

Best NFL Betting Sites – Top NFL Sportsbooks

NFL betting is incredibly popular and huge amounts of money are riding on every game. To profit the most from your picks, you need to place your bets with the best bookmakers. We are recommending the best choices for American bettors as well as for NFL addicts outside of the US.

Best NFL betting sites for Americans

The best option for Americans is to bet with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. It pretty much allows you to bet anonymously, and you can always exchange dollars for crypto when needed – and vice versa.

Cloudbet offers great odds for most NFL matchups. They have strong spreads, totals, and moneyline options – as well as player props. With Cloudbet, you can use either Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, or USDT. No personal information is needed to sign up, although Cloudbet might do a KYC checkup if you bet for extraordinary amounts of crypto.

Other crypto bookmakers also offer NFL betting. Nitrogen Sports is one example. Nitrogen offers super high odds, although the platform and the service could be a bit better. is another popular choice.

Regular bookies such as Bovada and Bookmaker are also available for US players.

Top NFL sportsbook for everyone else

If you have access to Pinnacle in your country, it is by far the best place to bet – regardless of whether it is NFL or some other sport.

Pinnacle is the best bookmaker in the world since it doesn’t exclude winners. At the same time, the odds are great and the stakes are super high.

An alternative to Pinnacle would be Betfair where you will bet against other punters. Solid odds can be found here, especially live, and the commission can be lowered the more you bet.

Lastly, we have Bet365, another solid choice for international bettors. Bet365 does not offer particularly high NFL odds, but they allow you to bet a lot, and it’s a solid bookmaker with a nice reputation and good service.

Read our NFL betting guide for more information on how to actually beat the bookies!

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