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If you’re looking to follow some tipsters, it’s nice to have an overview. That’s hard to find as people within the betting industry are not crazy about sharing information with each other, at least not in public.

We have collected an overview of the best free tipster sites from all over the world. It will get updated regularly, and if you have further suggestions for us to add, then simply write in the comment section.


Let’s start with ourselves. BoldSharps is an international betting page where you can learn about basic betting concepts, read bookmaker reviews, and follow various betting suggestions.

At the moment, we only provide betting tips for Formula 1 and NFL, but more is coming soon.


This site was created in 2014. It has a lot of users that are sharing picks – some are good, others not so much. Overall, it’s well worth browsing this site as some users are doing really well, but you need to be critical before following any tips. You can also become a tipster there yourself if you sign up and create a portfolio.

Betting Expert is a site that is somewhat reminiscent of Tisptrr. It is full of users, and you will find solid bettors as well as absolutely terrible bettors. It’s a great place to find information and tips, but like with Tipsterr, be a bit critical before following anything.


A Danish site, and arguably the best and most serious free tipster service in the world. BetXpert has many competent experts working for the site, and you can find betting suggestions across several different sports, including all the most popular European football leagues. Everything is in Danish, so you’ll need a translator to read the analyses, but the picks themselves are easy to spot and easy to follow.


Another Danish betting site. The quality is slightly lower than BetXpert, as tipsters here are rarely laser-focused on single sports or leagues, and they also provide shorter write-ups. Yet, many of them create profits, and there’s no shaming in not matching BetXpert. SpilXperten is still one of the best websites to follow if you’re looking for regular sports picks.

Heavy Betting

The third Danish site on the list. Some of their picks are free and some are paid. We recommend browsing it regularly to read the free picks. Most experts on Heavy Betting are running in the green, which is positive.

BetXpert’s sister site. This site is one of the absolute best. shares great betting tips, especially in sports such as tennis and ice hockey, but they also have a few profitable tipsters in football/soccer. Highly recommended and 100% free to follow.


On OddsNet, a Norwegian betting portal, you can also find regular tipster picks. Usually across sports such as basketball, tennis and winter sports. Picks for European football leagues are also somewhat frequent. Overall, a site to follow, but be sure to sign up as a user so you can see the statistics of each tipster.

Another Norwegian site. They have a couple of competent tipster that regularly share their tips for free. The site is not the absolute best in the world, but it is worth following, as you might be able to find some nice tips for handball, tennis, winter sports and Scandinavian football leagues.


A Portuguese betting site with a large forum, many write-ups and several betting tips every single day. The quality depends on the tipster, and only around 10-15% of them are creating large long term profits, so keep an eye on which ones to follow and which ones to ignore.


WalterFootball is a website about American football. The owner, Walter Cherepinsky, shares his NFL picks every week along with interesting write-ups. He also gives the occasional college football and NBA picks, so it’s definitely a site worth following. The humor on the site is A+. Yet, the picks are serious and respectable.

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