Best Bet Brokers (Betting Brokerages) in 2024

Bet brokers have become somewhat of a necessity for many serious sports bettors. Normal bookmakers like to put personal limits on their winning players, so there are several benefits of placing bets through a brokerage.

We have tested some of the top bet brokers on the market and here are our top recommendations for serious sports bettors.


The most user-friendly and professional bet broker is definitely SportMarket.

Licensed on the Isle of Man, SportMarket is open to customers from most countries (there are very few exceptions), and their service is outstanding.

Through the SportMarket Pro platform, you get access to bookmakers and exchanges such as Pinnacle, SBO, IBC, ISN, Matchbook and Betdaq. You can also get individual bookmaker accounts through SportMarket. SportMarket does not use personal limits – in fact it’s the opposite. There is a minimum of 10€ per bet and a minimum deposit of 250€. You can bet on all the major sports, such as soccer, tennis, basketball, American football, e-sports, MMA, etc.

Overall, SportMarket is highly recommended if you’re looking for a great platform to place bets with the best bookmakers. It is our favorite betting site when all things are considered. It’s just a great experience to use their platform.

Read our full review here to learn more, or sign up with SportMarket immediately.


AsianConnect is another popular bet broker. Just like with SportMarket, you get access to several of the best bookmakers on the market through the AsianOdds platform. You can also obtain private bookmaker accounts. AsianConnect has partnered up with SBO, Pinnacle, Singbet, ISN and others.

Previously, on the AsianOdds platform, you are limited to soccer and basketball. But in recent years they have added a lot of sports, so now you can bet a bit of everything, and it almost rivals SportMarket in game selection. There are many reasons to like this broker – aside from providing great odds, it is also somewhat easy to use their platform, and AsianConnect has existed since 2002, so it is one of the most experienced brokers in the betting business. When depositing and withdrawing, you can either use an e-wallet like Skrill or Neteller, or a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Tether.

Overall, we consider AsianConnect the second-best bet broker on the market, almost at the level of SportMarket – which is a very impressive feat.

Bet In Asia

Another big name in the betting brokerage industry is Bet In Asia. They are primarily focused on Asian handicaps and totals, just as the name suggests. But it really is a quality brokerage, and let’s mention some of the reasons.

First of all, Bet In Asia has way more options for depositing and withdrawing than most normal brokers. They let you use everything from credit cards to cryptocurrencies, and naturally, e-wallets and bank transfers as well.

You can get access to the BLACK trading platform when you’re signed up with Bet In Asia. You can also get a private account with Pinnacle, ISN, 18bet and others. Alternative options are their Skype betting solution – or access to the OrbitX Platform which is powered by Betfair.

Bet In Asia is a great option for both small players and serious sharps. You can expect a smooth experience and it is one of the fastest-growing betting brokerages out there.

Premium Tradings

Premium Tradings is also an option. Their platform isn’t the easiest to use, nor the prettiest, but it does have good odds and high limits. At first glance, Premium Tradings looks impressive – but we do need to look into it some more before we can bring a full review.

Other bet brokers

There are some other bet brokers that don’t operate on the open market but rather through recommendations. If you are able to bet the market by 5% and you have large amounts to bet, these companies will be standing in line to place your bets, but for obvious reasons, we cannot mention them here.

Of course, you always have the option of using traditional bookmakers as well. The only downside here is the risk of limitations. They do, however, have more uneven odds on many events, which you can take advantage of as long as it lasts. Traditional bookmakers can be used well when you are building up your bankroll, but eventually, using a bet broker will be a must for serious sports bettors.

Why use a bet broker?

Using a bet broker is very beneficial if you are serious about your sports betting.

Most regular bookmakers have a bad habit of limiting winning players. You might already have tried this – all the Euro bookies will not allow winning players to bet with them. Brokerages do not have such rules. The best bet brokers only have market limits – they won’t put any personal limits. In fact, winning players are more than welcome because they help to adjust the lines.

Now you might argue that the top Asian and Caribbean bookmakers don’t limit winning players either. And that is completely true. Pinnacle, SBO and IBC are legitimate bookies. An additional benefit of using a betting brokerage is that you get access to several of the best bookmakers, usually on the same platform. Good examples are Sportmarket Pro, AsianOdds, and BLACK. Great platforms where you can always bet the top odds available on the market. That allows you to optimize your chances of winning in the long term. The higher odds you get, the bigger your profits will be.

Finally, brokers are useful because they give you great service. In our experience, the customer support is MUCH BETTER with bet brokers than with individual bookies. Brokers care about their customers and are usually highly professional.

Are bet brokers legal and safe?

The legality depends. Obviously, the top brokers are legal businesses since they are fully licensed in certain countries. You can usually see if that’s the case or not, and the best of the brokers are almost always licensed somewhere.

The real question is whether you are allowed to use a bet broker according to the laws in your country or state, and that is something you will have to look into yourself.

Regarding safety: Brokers appear to be approximately as safe as normal bookmakers. But you should always be diligent, do your research and follow your intuition. Don’t deposit money to some broker that you haven’t researched well – make sure everything looks alright first.

We believe the safest bet broker is Sportmarket – simply because it’s a well-established service that has existed for many years, famous for treating its players well, and with many good connections. Many of the best bettors in the world are using Sportmarket. The other ones mentioned in this article have good reputations too.


We love bet brokers because they are highly practical and because they give winning players a chance to bet without getting personal limits.

Over the years, more and more bet brokers have arrived, and we now have a solid market. Still, the traditional names in the business, Sportmarket and AsianConnect, still rank as the best ones. So if you wish to get serious with your betting, you could consider signing up with one of them.

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